Biden’s free COVID tests found to be not helpful as false positives skewed pandemic picture

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Image: Biden’s free COVID tests found to be not helpful as false positives skewed pandemic picture

(Natural News) President Joe Biden announced in December 2021 that his administration will be distributing five hundred million free COVID tests for Americans so that they can test themselves before attending social events, work or school in real-time. While this may seem like a reasonable approach, it is a bad idea in the grand scheme of things.

Lawyer Nancy Ana Garner elaborated on that when she gave a statement on false PCR tests  at the Grand Jury Proceeding by the People’s Court of Public Opinion.

In her opening statement, Garner said the basis of the pandemic was a big lie to begin with – especially with PCR test being used as a basis for diagnosing the disease.

The inventor of the test, Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis, said that the process he invented was never intended to be a valid diagnostic tool as it cannot detect active infection. However, the test has still been used to create worldwide panic and compliance. (Related: Coronavirus RT-PCR tests are being used to mislead people amid the pandemic, says health expert.)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also admitted that its own test was based on contrived samples. Further, the World Health Organization recommended grossly excessive cycle thresholds. These thresholds determine whether or not there was anything present in the samples. The WHO standards are far beyond that of the industry, rendering the tests meaningless with false-positive results.

Garner went on to say that there had been studies that showed the false-positive rates of the PCR tests to be closer to 97 percent, which means that only three percent of the population who tested positive may be sick with something. However, it is not clear what they’re sick with because the test does not determine that, either. The tests have been globally misused to justify the existence of a pandemic and determine falsely inflated case and death numbers.


She also went on to say that the coronavirus is a global lie that governments say is widely dispersed to allow them to declare public health emergencies. From these “emergencies,” almost two years in the making, the governments were able to mandate draconian restrictions, separation and isolation of vulnerable populations, such as children and the elderly. (Related: CDC admits PCR tests are a fraud… so what about the last two years, then?)

With the worldwide testing of healthy people, governments grossly inflated the number of cases and allowed it to be broadcasted by mainstream media to incite panic and compliance among their citizens.

Biden’s PCR distribution can increase false positives

The number of rapid tests that the Biden administration wants to distribute to Americans for free will be used to test both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals. With a generous assumption of one percent background disease prevalence and 98 percent specificity, there will be around 9.9 million false positives resulting from the tests: that is not a low number by any means.

A chart from BMJ also noted that there are 1,980 false positives for every 670 true positives, giving a 75 percent false-positive rate. A more realistic assumption, however, would be a 0.5 percent disease prevalence and 90 percent antigen test specificity, which showed a 97 percent false-positive rate.

For the CDC to define a “case” as a positive result only is also not correct, as it can lead to very large numbers of false positives being misidentified as “cases.” The trend, which goes too far, finds people in a “casedemic,” not a pandemic.

To get out of this scenario, governments must stop focusing on the number of positive test results. Singapore, for instance, focuses on hospitalization rates for tracking the severity of the pandemic and for forming their pandemic policy choices.

“Learning to live with the virus in the long term will require changes in both mindset and policy. Relying on Covid-19 hospitalizations as the most important metric to track closely will provide the most reliable picture of how an area is faring with the virus,” said Monica Gandhi, professor at the University of California, San Francisco.

“And by focusing attention on the number of hospitalizations, health professionals can better focus on reducing them. This becomes especially important as case counts become more complicated.”

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