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Image: Dr. Keith Rose tells Ann Vandersteel: Americans have lost their identity – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Internationally recognized plastic surgeon Dr. Keith Rose told host Ann Vandersteel that Americans have lost their identity. Rose made the startling statement in an interview with Ann Vandersteel during the February 4 episode of the “Steel Truth” show on Brighteon.TV.

“I believe that we’re lost, or at least a lot of people have forgotten their American identity. The way our nation was founded, we were founded on a nation that was brought together from many different cultures, many different races,” said the plastic surgeon and tactical medicine physician, who has performed plastic and reconstructive surgery in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, Central and South America for the past 21 years.

“People didn’t come to America to be Italian. They didn’t come to America to be German. They didn’t come to America to be Japanese, Korean, Mexican, you name the flavor. They didn’t come to be Black or White. They came to be in America. We have an American identity, a God-given American identity based on our American history.”

Leftists, globalists rewriting America’s history

According to Rose, the first thing that every Marxist or socialist communist group does when they come in and take over a society is to cancel a person or the nation’s identity. He said that this group will create a new identity in every individual and get rid of that individual’s history. (Related: Left’s constant trashing of America creating a generation of citizens who have NO allegiance to their country.)


The retired U.S. Army captain added that the globalists are trying to do the same thing with what they call the “Great Reset.”

“What they’re trying to do is rewrite history. And what we need to remember as Americans is that we have an identity unlike any nation in the world. Our nation was founded by biblical principles,” declared Rose, who implied that America is the only other nation in the world besides Israel that has a founding covenant with God and have Founding Fathers.

“And it was all about building the nation based on these principles, these firm foundations that give us freedom. And it starts with the family and our Founding Fathers knew it. The theme family has run throughout our nation.”

Rose added that the only common thread with men in prison is the lack of a father at home.

“It doesn’t matter whether you’re White or Black. What happens when you don’t have a father in your home is that you don’t get tradition passed down, you don’t have an identity. And so these kids are out looking for their identity in all the wrong places. That’s why when you go to prison, you immediately become part of a White group, a Black group, your race and ethnic group because that’s the only way you can survive. It’s a very carnal place,” explained Rose.

Americans today are taught to hate America

The surgeon also pointed out that the generation of people today is taught to hate America, and this has led to Americans getting away from their national identity. He added that the American people are now split into fragment groups with a special interest and specific need, want or desire.

Rose emphasized that Americans need to go back and rediscover their identity and recall that America was founded on principles that her Founding Founders said come from Divine Providence or the hand of God.

The Founding Fathers realized that they could not build a nation on their own, Rose said. He added that the American nation that the Founding Fathers built was not just unique and original – it was built on biblical principles, which are embedded in the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

“And so these men, who weren’t perfect, understood that our rights came from God and they were inalienable,” Rose said.

He pointed out that the past is so important to the American people’s identity and this is the reason why the leftists, the progressives and the Marxists are trying to digitally whitewash America’s paths and tell American kids that America is not great.

“And so you have a generation of people that don’t believe in the United States of America because they haven’t been taught our history. And if you don’t understand our history, you don’t understand the mystery,” Rose explained.

Rose also warned about the problem of so much multiculturalism, saying that multiple cultures and multiple languages can lead to a nation that doesn’t have its own identity.

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Watch the full Feb. 4 episode of “Steel Truth” below. The “Steel Truth” with Ann Vandersteel airs every weekday at 9:30-10:30 p.m. on Brighteon.TV.

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