Canada’s Freedom Convoy invokes waves of protests against Canada’s COVID mandates

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Image: Canada’s Freedom Convoy invokes waves of protests against Canada’s COVID mandates

(Natural News) Del Bigtree and Jeffery Jaxen of “The HighWire” discussed how the Freedom Convoy has caused big ripples throughout Canada. Originally protesting against Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine mandates for truckers, it has become a movement against the country’s draconian COVID-19 measures.

Jaxen played videos of the Freedom Convoy in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, which included truckers sharing their thoughts on the matter.

“A lot of you don’t realize the magnitude of this convoy and what we are actually standing for. We were well over 60,000 trucks strong, and growing every day. We have support from west to east, and everywhere in between, in support of freedom,” one trucker said in a video posted on TikTok. “That’s [what] we’re fighting for. You’ve pushed the trucking industry to a point where we’ve had enough. We’ve heard the cry of the Canadians. And now we see the support of all Canadians coming together.”

One male protester who joined the Parliament Hill demonstration said: “We’ve done what we’re told to do, and enough is enough. The government takes your freedom. They’re not giving it back. We’re here to make sure that Canadians know — the world knows — that we’re behind people who want to get back to the way it was – not the ‘new normal.'”

A female protester also at the Ottawa gathering said the Freedom Convoy’s presence summed up “what democracy is all about.” She added: “People believe that the government has overstepped with mandates and they are here to exercise their democratic right.”


She also pointed out how the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau espoused hateful rhetoric to turn public opinion against the convoy. The Canadian leader branded the protesters as a “fringe” minority.

“What we’ve seen in the last year with [the] demonization of people, turning [them] against each other, the hatred that has been spewed from the highest levels is completely unacceptable. And the people have had enough.” (Related: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau calls citizens, truckers protesting vaccine mandate “fringe” minority who don’t share government-accepted “views.”)

Saskatchewan premier lauds truckers, opposes mandates

Jaxen mentioned that Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe expressed support for the Freedom Convoy. In a press release posted on Twitter last Jan. 30, he thanked truckers for doing what they do even before COVID-19 measures were imposed. Moe also voiced out criticisms toward the vaccine mandate despite being fully vaccinated and boosted himself.

“Because vaccination is not reducing transmission, the current federal border policy for truckers makes no sense. An unvaccinated trucker does not pose any greater risk of transmission than a vaccinated trucker,” Moe said.

“However, the current federal policy does pose a significant risk to Canada’s economy and to the supply chain in our Saskatchewan communities where you and I live. This will increase the cost of living, which is now rising at a rate that is creating significant hardship for many Canadians.”

Moe concluded his press release by reiterating his support for the end of the cross-border ban for unvaccinated truckers and commitment to ending Saskatchewan’s vaccine passport requirement. He fulfilled this promise by announcing on Jan. 31 that the vaccine passport mandate would no longer be extended once it expires on Feb. 28.

During a Jan. 31 press conference, Moe pointed out that the COVID-19 vaccines no longer reduce transmission. Given this information, he argued that a vaccine passport requirement was no longer needed. Under current rules, Saskatchewanians are required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result before they can enter various establishments.

“People are asking their government for a return to normal, a removal of public health restrictions. It is time for us as a government to do what Saskatchewan people are asking for,” said Moe.

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