Radical far-left anarchist attacks Freedom Convoy protest, gets charged as hit-and-run rather than hate crime

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Image: Radical far-left anarchist attacks Freedom Convoy protest, gets charged as hit-and-run rather than hate crime

(Natural News) A Charlottesville-type hit-and-run incident occurred in Winnipeg the other day during the ongoing Freedom Convoy trucker protests. And the Canadian government, rather than label it as the hate crime it was, is going for the lesser charge because the culprit is a left-wing anarchist.

David Zegarac, an “anarchist activist” with a history of criminal activity, reportedly plowed into a crowd with his car, injuring at least four people who had to be rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Zegarac was driving a white Jeep when he proceeded to slam into one person – see the video below. After hitting that first person, Zegarac proceeded to accelerate even more, hitting three more.

About an hour after the incident, Zegarac was arrested following a brief altercation with police officers.

Had an “anti-vaxxer” attacked a crowd of Antifa, it would be all over the news as a “hate crime”

The attack occurred at a gathering in Winnipeg in support of the ongoing peaceful protest by truckers and their allies in Ottawa. Their goal is to put an end to Canada’s oppressive Fauci Flu restrictions, including the country’s mandatory “vaccination” policy for truckers.

Local police refuse to label the incident a hate crime even though Zegarac allegedly did it in an act of hateful rage against those fighting for freedom against government fascism.


Instead, Zegarac is being charged with four counts of assault with a weapon, two counts of dangerous operation of a conveyance causing bodily harm, dangerous operation of a conveyance, two counts of failure to stop after an accident knowing that the driver was reckless, and failing to stop at the scene of an accident two separate times.

Zegarac is a 43-year-old musician who describes himself as “Indigenous,” Serbian and Irish. He plays as the front man for Canadian rock bands The Brat Attack, Dead Peasants Revolt, The Black Mass Brigade and Class War Kids.

At one point, Zegarac had his own Wikipedia page, though it has since been deleted. And archived version is still available that links back to several web pages detailing Zegarac’s far-left political views.

Zegarac’s online bio states that his song lyrics deal primarily with anarchist politics. He is also an outspoken vegan and a long-time “anti-racist” activist.

Even though Zegarac spoke to officers during his arrest, they insist that they do now know or understand his motivations. According to CBC News, police officers said “some comments made by the accused that tends to suggest this was not specifically about the [vaccine] mandates.”

Zegarac apparently “wasn’t for or against any of the general views that are floating around this country.”

There are also circulating reports about how Zegarac is “despised by every group or organization he’s ever claimed to represent,” including the infamous Antifa (anti-fascist) movement.

“I have no love for the convoy group at all and hate to see what’s happening in Canada right now but NONE of them deserve to be hit with a vehicle,” the same anonymous author who made the aforementioned claim further wrote.

The lyrics to some of Zegarac’s songs include hatred for former conservative Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper, calling him a “fascist white bred Bible thumper.”

In another song, Zegarac wrote about how there should be no such thing as national borders, and that he stands “with those who oppose social injustice.”

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