Science journal claims wearing PANTY HOSE on your head makes covid masks fit better… will they next tell people to wear thongs on their faces?

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Image: Science journal claims wearing PANTY HOSE on your head makes covid masks fit better… will they next tell people to wear thongs on their faces?

(Natural News) Researchers from the United States and the United Kingdom now claim that the best way to wear a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) face mask to protect against the spread of Fauci Germs is to first layer it with women’s panty hose.

Describing the bizarre technique as a “fit hack,” the study claims that KN95 and other surgical masks can be made to fit better by padding them with women’s underwear (see the below photos from the study for examples).

According to the scientists who conducted the research, women’s underwear makes Fauci Flu veils “fit” better, though it remains unknown, they say, how or even if the technique makes masks “work” any better.

For the experiment, four participants were assigned to try out seven different mask fit hacks, one of them being the panty hose. Each person tried out seven different hacks multiple times “to assess how reliable [they] were when reapplied.”

“A convenience of four participants took part in the study, three females and one male with a head circumference range of 54 to 60 centimetres,” the study explains.

Some of the other techniques tested out in addition to the panty hose included tape and rubber bands, though the panty hose overlayer was supposedly “observed to be the most effective hack,” according to the research team.

Branch Covidians want panty hose embedded into new face mask designs

The study basically concludes that slapping panty hose over one’s face to improve the fit of a Fauci Flu mask is somehow beneficial, though “very uncomfortable and unlikely to be tolerated for extended periods of time.”


“The development of effective fit-improvement solutions remains a critical issue in need of further development,” the study goes on to explain, suggesting that masks need to be redesigned with women’s underwear or other “hacks.”

Why any of this is even important remains unknown, seeing as how face masks have already been proven to be medically useless just like lockdowns, social distancing and other covid measures.

The study also admits that tampering with face masks using women’s underwear is unproven and possibly pointless, though it apparently makes those with a mask fetish feel “safer” wearing them because all air gaps are sealed, much like wearing a plastic bag over the face.

Even though it would be extremely uncomfortable and possibly cause the wearer to suffocate, wearing a panty hose-equipped face mask could make those who are fearful of “droplets,” as Tony Fauci often calls them, feel better protected against infection.

The study does admit that the “most effective fit hacks,” including the panty hose, are “so uncomfortable as to be unusable in some cases” – in other words, none of this is at all practical in the real world. Still, the research team has decided that it is important, for some reason.

“Many of the most effective fit hacks were so uncomfortable as to be unusable in some cases,” the study clearly states. “Overall, whilst we found that fit hacks did generally improve mask performance, it is difficult to predict the effects for a given individual or face type.”

“We hope these results will be of benefit to designers in order that they may improve masks and mask fitting devices, as well as members of the public seeking to improve their own masks. The hacks tested are all accessible to the general public.”

At Natural News, a commenter wrote that masks only “may be effective,” as they have never actually been proven to be effective. It is also a violation of the Nuremberg Code and the Constitution itself to mandate them.

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