Mayo Clinic: COVID shots will be necessary for at least 100 YEARS

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Image: Mayo Clinic: COVID shots will be necessary for at least 100 YEARS

(Natural News) An expert at the Mayo Clinic recently claimed that Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines would still be around for at least a century. The expert even argued that children three generations down the line would still receive the COVID-19 vaccines.

Epidemiologist and vaccine researcher Dr. Gregory Poland made this claim during a Jan. 25 webinar sponsored by MarketWatch. “Let me make a prediction, which will be hard for any of you to hold me to – because we will all be dead by then. Your great-great-great-grandchildren will still be getting immunized against [the Wuhan] coronavirus,” he said.

The editor-in-chief of the Vaccine medical journal referenced the earlier Spanish flu pandemic that struck the world. “How can I even say such a thing? If you got your flu vaccine this fall, you were immunized against a strain of influenza that showed up in 1918 and caused the pandemic,” Poland said.

Poland’s prediction came amid talk of the more infectious B11529 omicron variant holding the key to the pandemic’s end. The strain’s milder symptoms have caused other experts to claim that COVID-19 could become an endemic disease. However, the Mayo Clinic epidemiologist begged to differ.

“We are not yet at any stage where we could predict endemicity. We’re not going to eradicate it,” said Poland. He noted that SARS-CoV-2 has shown the ability to infect animals, possibly allowing it to circulate indefinitely as it jumps from species to species and continues to mutate. (Related: Perpetual COVID vaccinations: Mayo Clinic thinks jabs will be necessary for at least a century.)


Poland is not the only expert that issued a pessimistic prognosis of the pandemic. Top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci predicted that strains worse than omicron are set to emerge.

“I would hope that [COVID-19’s endemicity would be] the case. But that would only be [true] if we don’t get another variant that eludes the immune response of the prior [omicron] variant,” he said during a Jan. 17 Davos Agenda video conference.

The White House chief medical adviser predicted back in August 2021 the rise of a “vaccine-resistant SARS-CoV-2” strain. His prediction became true three months later in November 2021 with the discovery of omicron – which hits fully vaccinated individuals – in South Africa.

Poland’s Mayo Clinic colleagues encourage medical fascism

While Poland has predicted the need for COVID-19 vaccines in the future, two of his colleagues have called for medical fascism against those turning down the shot.

Mayo Clinic cardiologist Dr. Courtney Bennett denounced people who refuse COVID-19 vaccines in a Facebook post, calling them “self-centered people” relying on YouTube and One America News (OAN) for medical advice.

“I wish I was sharing something more exciting, but I can’t because we live in a society of self-centered people who get their medical advice from sources like YouTube or OAN, yet beg us to help them [breathe] using technology developed by actual science when they’re blue and gasping for air,” wrote Bennett.

While Bennett expressed frustration over the unvaccinated, another medical professional from the Mayo Clinic explicitly admitted wanting to inflict physical violence on those opposing face masks and COVID-19 vaccines. Mayo Clinic general surgeon Dr. Mark Sawyer said hurting anti-vaccine and anti-mask individuals puts him in “a state of Zen meditation.”

Sawyer’s Facebook posts mentioned his desire for “rhythmically kicking … in the tender parts” unvaccinated Americans over what he calls their “willful stupidity.” Another post by Sawyer claimed the unvaccinated will “have to be sacrificed … [for]the greater good.”

Mayo Clinic did not respond to a request for comment about Sawyer and Bennett’s posts.

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