Dr. Jim Thorp tells Dr. Bryan Ardis: Medical cartel gag order is illegal, unethical, immoral and illegitimate – Brighteon.TV

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Image: Dr. Jim Thorp tells Dr. Bryan Ardis: Medical cartel gag order is illegal, unethical, immoral and illegitimate – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Maternal fetal medicine specialist Dr. Jim Thorp said that the medical cartel’s gag order on physicians, health care workers and nurses is illegal, unethical, immoral and illegitimate. Thorp made the statement in an interview with Dr. Bryan Ardis during the January 26 episode of “The Dr. Ardis Show” on Brighteon.TV.

He added that the Federation of State Medical boards and the American Board of Medical Specialties, which are made up of 125 to 250 specialty and subspecialty boards, came out with the exact same language at the exact same time on the ‘fake’ media to say that those who will spread misinformation about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) and not line up with the COVID narrative will be destroyed.

Thorp also said that the American Association of Colleges of Nurses immediately followed suit.

“So every single nurse and every single physician in the United States of America is under a gag order. So for your audience, you do not trust any physician or any health care worker or any nurse. You can’t trust us. No, trust me, you can’t trust any of us. We are on a gag order,” explained the board-certified OB-GYN doctor, who pointed out that the cartel’s gag order has destroyed the physician-patient relationship and made an honest, informed consent null and void for all patients. (Related: Our medical system is a cartel fueled by tyranny for profit, not prevention.)

“The system has made the physician-patient relationship totally worthless. It’s gone. You’re watching health care system collapse in front of you. This is how desperate these cowards are. They have to resort to threats in order to push their agenda.”


Meanwhile, with the COVID-19 health crisis raging on, online platforms became a typical place for health professionals to lament short supplies, share concerns, tell stories and plead for help. But at the same time, other physicians, nurses and health care workers are being silenced by hospital administrators and threatened with discipline for speaking out about COVID caseloads and dwindling supplies. Some worry that the gag orders have muddied the picture of how hospitals are doing in the pandemic and placing the health and safety of medical frontline workers at risk.

The doctor based in Gulf Breeze, Florida clarified that COVID vaccine is not really a vaccine but an investigational research gene therapy.

“In order to push this they had to completely develop a false narrative in early 2020, saying that the only treatment for this COVID-19 is in the hospital with extremely dangerous drugs, which Dr. Bryan Ardis knows well about and has really exposed… That was all propaganda. They knew that if the truth got out that there would be no need for their agenda of the fake vaccine gene therapy,” Thorp said.

COVID vaccine kills

The maternal fetal medicine specialist also presented slides that showed the danger of COVID vaccines for pregnant women. He said that the slide that displays the 20,244 COVID-19 deaths in just 10 months shows a massive disparity when compared to the 9,405 deaths from other vaccinations put together.

Thorp also divulged that he got all the data from the various database that he went through with a Silicon Valley IT guy, which he will also give in an upcoming letter to the American Board of OB-GYN. Also included on that communication are 1,050 peer-reviewed publications in medical journals documenting morbidities and mortalities from the poison jab.

The board-certified OB-GYN doctor stated that the medical cartel is illegally, immorally, unethically violating the law by not putting out the truth about the COVID vaccines and committing fraud.

“And they should be prosecuted in a civil and maybe a Nuremberg 2.0 trial because they are killing massive numbers of innocent people. And they are giving fraudulent information. They’re ignoring a legally based safety thermometer and they’re totally ignoring it,” Thorp said.

Thorp displayed a slide that showed the actual fetal malformations from the COVID jab in pregnancy. He also explained what a fetal malformation is. He also presented a slide that showed the massive number of COVID jab pregnancy losses compared to other vaccines, and mentioned that inflammation in the embryo in the fetus is a recipe for disaster for malformations, placental loss, placental insufficiency and fetal death.

Thorp added that pregnant women should not take the vaccine especially during pregnancy and that natural immunity is the best.

“It’s proven. Dr. Peter McCullough is right. There are over 120 peer-reviewed publications that show that natural immunity is more durable, it’s complete, and it is broad. And so it doesn’t kill your immune system like the poisonous jab,” he explained.

The certified OB-GYN doctor reminded pregnant women to have vitamin D, which he said is extremely important. He also recommended taking vitamin C and vitamin D3, as well as hydroxychloroquine for those who are looking at taking the vaccine.

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