When teachers become LGBTQ predators who target children: one mother’s story

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Image: When teachers become LGBTQ predators who target children: one mother’s story

(Natural News) The mother of a young girl who was brainwashed by her “teachers” at public school into believing that she is a transgender is suing the school where it all took place.

The Center for American Liberty, headed by Harmeet K. Dhillon, filed a lawsuit last week on behalf of Jessica Konen, the mother of the trans student who became a victim of “predatory” and “grooming” behavior by teachers Lori Caldiera and Kelly Bakari of the Spreckels Union School District in Monterey County, Calif.

Konen says Caldiera and Bakari violated her daughter’s rights under California law when they secretly invited the child to an “equality club,” where she was coached into adopting a new “gender identity.”

Both the teachers and the “school” where they teach intentionally kept participation in this club a secret and encouraged children to lie to their families about what they were doing.

This inflicted major emotional distress on both Konen and her daughter, for which she now wants recompense. (Related: Public schools have been indoctrinating children into the Cult of LGBTQ for many years.)

“My family’s already gone through so much and nobody else needs to go through this,” Konen told Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham during an interview, adding that “you wouldn’t expect a teacher to be predatorial towards a child.”

“They stepped out of their line,” Konen continued. “In seventh grade, you find out that there’s secrets, there’s lies. Their tactics are disgusting. I feel, as a mom, disturbed by this because it is my right to parent [my daughter] and they took that right away from me.”


If you send your children to public school (in Blue cities especially), you’re just asking for them to become trans

In the lawsuit, Caldiera and Bakari, who operate the “Buena Vista Equality Club,” are accused of being predators who actively recruit children, including Konen’s daughter, into the cult.

These two women allegedly spied on students to identify likely candidates based on “their own observations” about “potential LGBT+ students.”

Caldiera and Bakari would then instruct their successful recruits into how to adopt “LGBT+ identities, such as homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism, gender non-conformity, etc.”

“Ms. Caldiera and Ms. Bakari would instruct students to research a particular topic and then have follow up discussions with the student about that research,” the lawsuit explains, adding that the teachers “would introduce and push LGBT+ identities on students that the students resisted.”

In other words, loners, awkward children and other social outcasts are being actively targeted by Caldiera and Bakari for recruitment into the Cult of LGBTQ, where they are then encouraged to mutilate their bodies with hormone “treatments” and “sex reassignment” surgery.

Perhaps the worst thing about Caldiera and Bakari’s little scheme is that they tried to disguise it by calling it an “equality” club and telling its child participants not to tell their parents the truth.

Caldiera and Bakari have been telling students at their middle school to lie to their own parents “so that parents could not discover their children’s participation in the club or new LGBT+ identities,” the suit explains.

The club’s meetings were also held during lunch rather than after school “so that students, who were too young to drive, could better hide their participation.”

None of this is shocking to those of us who knew all along that the LGBTQ mafia is a degeneracy cult filled with pedophiles who prey on children and try to manipulate them into converting.

“The system has become corrupt and dangerous to student learning and safety,” wrote someone at LifeSiteNews.

“Parents must withdraw their children and demand a refund for their children’s education. Use the money for alternative schooling. The public system is too corrupt to reform. It must be abolished.”

The latest news about LGBTQ filth in America’s public schools can be found at Evil.news.

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