The entire world is now participating in covid “vaccine” walkout protests – find or plan an event near you

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Image: The entire world is now participating in covid “vaccine” walkout protests – find or plan an event near you

(Natural News) On January 23, tens of thousands of people from all walks of life participated in “Defeat the Mandates: An American Homecoming,” which seeks to put an immediate end to all Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic mandates.

This protest included participants from all races, political affiliations, ideologies and even vaccination status – meaning people who took the jabs showed up to protest the trampling of their unvaccinated neighbors’ rights.

It was a beautiful sight to see (you can watch a clip of crowds gathered at the Lincoln Memorial at the Children’s Health Defense (CHD) website). And the really great news is that this kind of thing is now happening all around the world!

In the face of escalating tyranny that seeks to enslave everyone under a system of forced vaccination, mask mandates and fascist societal dysfunction, freedom lovers are planning rallies, walkouts and other events to spread the word.

CHD is helping to facilitate this by calling on advocates everywhere, including at its state and international chapters, coalition partners and affiliates, to join humanity together peacefully for active engagement in the fight for freedom and liberty.

“Help others engage in the movement,” CHD says. “Share information with compassion, empathy, and an open heart to bring others to the right side of history.”

“Our elected officials need constant reminders that they work for the tax paying citizens of this country and that many of us, if not the majority, want choice when it comes to what goes on and in our bodies.”


Don’t remain silent: Speak out!

CHD says it is important for our elected officials to not only hear our voices but also to see our faces and know that we are real people demanding real change back to the Constitution, which guarantees certain rights that are now being trampled by our overlords.

As long as we let them, the covid fascists will continue to press that boot hard on our necks. This is why parents, their children, entire families and even entire neighborhoods must join together to lift that boot off so we can all stand back up and live.

“These representatives must see our faces, hear our voices and know that we demand choice when it comes to our healthcare decisions,” CHD days. “Parents and individuals should make these decisions, not the government. The tyranny ends when We the People stand up!”

How can you help accomplish this? The first thing is to find the date for the start of your state’s 2022 legislative session. If your state has not yet commenced its new session, you can plan to bring yourself and your friends to the statehouse on day one.

Organizing locally will really help this effort to be a success, especially if not everyone involved has the time or the means to travel to the state capitol. Those who can will carry the banner on behalf of those who cannot, and hopefully the numbers will still be large.

There is also a Community Calendar at the CHD website that outlines when and where Worldwide Walkouts are taking place.

CHD also encourages people to use its free design templates to create promotional graphics for social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. CHD’s Advocacy Hub contains educational handouts and postcards that you can use to interact with your community and your elected officials, as well as helpful guidance for how to do this successfully.

“Never has there been a more important time to fight back and protect our rights to stop this tyranny and government overreach,” says CHD.

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