Analysis: France’s vaccine pass turns the unvaxxed into second-class citizens

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Image: Analysis: France’s vaccine pass turns the unvaxxed into second-class citizens

(Natural News) France’s new vaccine pass demotes the unvaccinated into second-class citizens, according to an analysis. The pass also appears to be the culmination of a threat by French President Emmanuel Macron to enrage those refusing to get the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

In a Jan. 28 piece, LifeSiteNews Paris correspondent Jeanne Smits mentioned that the vaccine pass took effect four days earlier on Jan. 24. “Since Monday, COVID regulations have reached a new level of tyranny with the entry into force of the new ‘vaccine pass,'” she wrote.

The vaccine pass, which supersedes the earlier sanitary pass, is now required before entering different locations. These include dining establishments, cultural venues, sports facilities and shopping centers, The new vaccine pass is also a prerequisite before one can board domestic flights, long-distance trains and coaches.

The new vaccine pass considers both full vaccination and recent recovery from COVID-19 during the last six months – but not a very recent negative COVID-19 test result. The sanitary pass considers the latter, but is now invalid with the implementation of the vaccine pass. Only hospitals and aged care homes accept the old sanitary pass before entry.

“This would mean that further millions of French citizens will refrain from going to restaurants, cafes, theaters and the like. Despite government assurances that the economy is doing well, and that the catering and leisure sectors are being saved by the vaccine pass – more and more reports are coming out of owners and managers of such businesses who are seeing their customer base shrink visibly. Many expect to be forced to close their doors in the near future if nothing changes,” wrote Smits. (Related: Josh Sigurdson: Vaccine mandates for businesses a “self-inflicted wound.”)


The French Constitutional Court approved the vaccine pass mandate, applicable to French citizens aged 16 and up, on Jan. 21. It however rejected the sanitary pass requirement for attending political rallies as it “would impinge on people’s freedom to share views and opinions.”

Unvaxxed accused of “clogging up hospitals”

Smits wrote: “Present COVID measures are being rationalized by the authorities in the name of decreasing ‘pressure’ on hospitals in France, where they say a number of scheduled treatments have been postponed because of the number of [unvaccinated] patients taking up room in [intensive care units.]”

“The scapegoating of those who do not want to get the abortion-tainted experimental COVID shots is being ramped up. Politicians and the mainstream media repeat that the [unvaccinated] are responsible for depriving ill people of care, using up precious hospital space and forcing the government to set up freedom-killing measures for all to pressure them into changing their minds.”

The vaccine pass taking effect came 20 days after Macron revealed his strategy toward citizens adamant in turning down the COVID-19 vaccine. He told French newspaper Le Parisien during a Jan. 4 interview: “As for the non-vaccinated, I really want to piss them off. We will continue to do this until the bitter end.”

The French president added: “This is the strategy: Limiting, as much as possible, their access to social life activity.” Describing the unvaccinated in France as “a small minority,” he proposed the “reduction” of that minority “by pissing them off even more.”

Smits concluded: “Some suggest that the vaccine pass will be lifted closer to the presidential election in April, so that Macron may benefit from the positive fallout of such a decision. But it remains that there are no legal requirements for the mandate to be lifted. This is being left to the appreciation of a government that has lied and lied again since the beginning of the [COVID-19] crisis.”

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