PVI – Post vaccine illness is the new pandemic

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Image: PVI – Post vaccine illness is the new pandemic

(Natural News) The pandemic has become endemic, thanks to the Omicron variant, but MSM and the “Demoncrats” in Washington DC want to keep it going for many reasons. Now, the new pandemic has nothing to do with a virus created in a Wuhan lab, but rather the vaccines created to “treat” that man-made virus, and the deadly results of the toxic jabs are spreading around the globe, pandemic-style.

A pandemic is infectious, like the politicians and globalists influencing, coercing and brainwashing billions of people to get gene therapy injections that cause blood clots, central nervous system disorders, myocarditis, heart attacks and organ failure. This is also happening in pandemic proportions, as more people are dying and already dead from the dreaded experimental injections than from Covid itself.

A child in Brazil recently suffered a massive heart attack just hours after getting a Fauci Flu injection and is lying in a hospital bed in critical condition right now. This is unacceptable, especially considering zero children are dying from Covid, and hardly any are even getting the flu with symptoms. A radio host died shortly after getting the China Flu jab from Moderna, proving in another example that the jabs are the new pandemic, spreading death and destruction everywhere they are given.

Giving children and teens a dangerous vaccine for Covid is like giving them a deadly shot for dementia; they just don’t need it

The Covid vaccines are child abuse and anyone administering them to pregnant women, infants, children, teens and even young adults should be tried in a court of law for reckless endangerment. Now the Omicron variant is spreading around and that is comparable to the common head cold. Omicron is also literally helping people build natural immunity to all Covid variants, so there is absolutely NO USE for vaccines anymore.


Plus, why is the Covid jab forced on people who already caught Covid and have antibodies in their system to defend against it? This is beyond absurd and must stop. This so-called “vaccine” is a pandemic itself, spreading death and health destruction around the globe, as we witness perfectly healthy people, including athletes and military members, dropping dead or suffering heart attacks hours or days after getting the clot shots. How much more obvious can the truth be?

Are you or a loved one suffering from Post Vaccine Illness? Document everything, get an attorney and post the problems in VAERS

Whether or not you believe that the Fauci Flu vaccines are intended to wreck the body systems of anyone and everyone who gets them, the results are obvious. The risk far outweighs any benefits. There is currently no medical emergency with Covid and Omicron. It’s all psychological, but the vaccine holocaust is real, with physical manifestations of heart problems and blood clots. How is this possible?

The nanotechnology being used utilizes graphene nanoparticles that function like a “nano-octopus” by self-assembling inside the blood and organs of humans. This network of interconnecting microdevices have nodes and sensors, and possibly even antennas and receivers on a nanoscale level that may be functioning with the 5G networks. Got prion disease?

The new “vaccine” pandemic may be getting ushered in when these nano-particles assemble inside the body and take over humans systems, instructing cells to complete horrific actions that maim or kill the victims. Beware of the upcoming booster shots for Covid. This will be the next phase of the nano-pandemic that most assuredly kills off millions, if not billions, of innocent humans who are falling for the vaccine scam.

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