Midterm blowout: Republicans have a 13-point lead

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Image: Midterm blowout: Republicans have a 13-point lead

(Natural News) The Trafalgar Group is very accurate in its polling. It found 55.7% of voters prefer a Republican candidate in the upcoming congressional races. 42.2% prefer a Democrat.

(Article by Don Surber republished from DonSurber.Blogspot.com)

Remember the 2010 congressional races when the Tea Party flipped 63 seats for Republicans, which gave them their largest majority in decades?

Republicans received 51.7% of the votes overall. Democrats got 44.9%. That was a 6.8-point gap.

This is a 13.5-point gap. For those who have to take off their shoes to count past 10, that is double the gap of 2010.

The 1994 gap was also 6.8-points.

You have to go back to 1946 — when Republicans gained 55 seats to end 16 years of Democrat rule — to find a bigger gap.

8.5 points.

Steve Bannon was not talking out of his hat when he said Republicans could flip 100 seats this year.


The Real Clear Politics average of polls put the gap at 4.1 points.

This could have staying power because Gallup reported there is a 5-point gap in favor of Republicans in how people identify themselves. A year ago, Democrats had a 9-point advantage.

That was a 14-point swing in one year.

We all know the reason. Biden. He has had the worst first year of a presidency since William Harrison died a month after his inauguration in 1841. He too had a goofball vice president named John Tyler.

Biden surrendered Afghanistan and left $80 billion worth of military equipment — and thousands of Americans — behind. Biden adopted inflation as his economic policy, which helps the rich as the stock market soars but hurts the poor as wages cannot keep up. And Biden blew covid. More people died under him than under Trump — and Trump had no vaccines for most of his presidency.

Gallup reported, “20% think pandemic is improving, 22% staying same, 58% getting worse.”

Jimmy Carter 2.0?

Don’t be foolish.

This is Herbert Hoover II.

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