Austria implements mandatory covid vaccination for EVERYONE

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Image: Austria implements mandatory covid vaccination for EVERYONE

(Natural News) Door-to-door checks on mRNA injection status have begun in Austria, where it is now a crime to not be “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer announced plans to make getting jabbed for the Fauci Flu compulsory across the entire country for every demographic.

Previously, only certain groups had to get injected while the unvaccinated remained subjected to lockdowns and other persecution. Now, everyone 18 and over in Austria is being told they must get jabbed, or else.

“Austria is implementing MANDATORY vaccination,” tweeted Peter Sweden, a Swedish journalists and political commentator.

“Police will be doing checks to see people’s status. The unvaccinated risk fines of up to €3600. And people can be fined up to 4 times per year. If you said this in 2019 no one would believe this could happen.”

For reference, €3600, by the way, is about $4,000 USD. Multiplied times four, this is a lot of cash to be shelling out for the “privilege” of maintaining one’s own natural immunity.

The world is turning into a giant concentration camp, beginning in Austria

In Austria, it all started on Mar. 31, 2020, which is when the first mask mandates were implemented in the country.

On July 21 that same year, a mask mandate covering most indoor locations was added on top of the initial mandate.

On Jan. 25, 2021, Austria mandated that citizens and residents wear N95 masks specifically. Come June 8 that same year, Austria mandated “vaccine passports.”


On September 15, Austria told the public that they must wear N95 masks in all “non-essential” retail stores. Then came the lockdowns about a month later on November 14.

At each of these key intervals, “cases” of the Fauci Flu spiked dramatically, it is important to note. Not long after Austria’s indoor mask mandate was decreed, cases spiked dramatically.

This happened again after the N95 mask mandate, and again and again for vaccine passports and the N95 mandate in all non-essential retail locations.

The biggest spike of all thus far came after the most recent lockdowns. And now that the jabs are being mandated for everyone in Austria, there is a massive spike occurring that is larger than all the earlier ones.

“With N95 mandates, vaccine passports and 2 months of a lockdown for unvaccinated people, cases in Austria have reached a new high,” someone else tweeted along a with a graph of all these spikes (see below):

“It’s amazing how consistently and comprehensively COVID authoritarianism and The Science™ fails & how uninterested media outlets are in covering it.”

All of this is disturbingly reminiscent of past genocides that started off as something helpful for the public, only to become an excuse for mass murder. It is something that has occurred time and time again throughout history (i.e., the Bolshevik Revolution), and appears to be happening yet again due to “covid.”

“Next it will be Zyklon B,” wrote one commenter.

“‘Cases’ are exploding because the shots give you covid!” wrote another. “As they were designed to do.”

“What will they do when people continue to get covid even after the forced shot?” asked yet another. “Totally stupid. No one is following the science. If you can still get and pass covid, the shot isn’t worth s**t.”

“It sure didn’t take them long to forget about Nuremberg,” chimed in someone else. “How many were hanged by the neck for their evil experiments?”

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