Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes accuses Donald Trump of abandoning his supporters

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Image: Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes accuses Donald Trump of abandoning his supporters

(Natural News) Army veteran and Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes, who was recently arrested along with 10 others for their roles in the January 6, 2021 Capitol incident, accused Donald Trump of abandoning his supporters.

“The thing (is) people are being unlawfully detained and denied bail. They’re being abandoned by Trump,” Rhodes told “Critical Disclosure Radio” host Jim White. Rhodes is a former paratrooper being charged with sedition by the Department of Justice.

According to Rhodes, Trump could have donated money or held a fundraiser for his supporters who were being detained for their participation in the Capitol incident. “He hasn’t done that either and abandoned the people that were in the Capitol to protect him,” said Rhodes.

He also mentioned a press conference that Trump held on January 6 at Mar-a-Lago, Florida, where an Oath Keepers chapter was outside asking for support to raise money for the detainees. But the appeal fell on deaf ears and the Oath Keepers went home disappointed. (Related: ‘Arm Yourselves’: Revolutionary anthem by libertarian artist Jordan Page officially adopted by The Oath Keepers.)

Rhodes denies allegations that he’s working for the Feds

White asked Rhodes whether there’s a semblance of truth in the allegations that he is a federal informant and working for the Feds.

“You’re an inside guy, and you’ve turned sides, and now you’re trying to work with the feds to keep people behind bars or whatever,” White asked. “Can you just state here directly on this broadcast? I’m just going to ask you, is any of that information true?”


The allegations, according to Rhodes, are ridiculous, stressing that there’s no need for the Feds to try to recruit Special Forces veteran and Oathkeeper Jeremy Brown in October of 2020.

“If I’m a Fed, then why are they running around recruiting people and paying people to come spy on us. Why would they do that when they already had the top guy,” said Rhodes, noting that the FBI has been looking for informants for generations like going back to the time of Martin Luther King and the Black Panthers.

“They would try to set up anyone who’s a dissident group or a thorn in their side, or for the establishment side, the Fed, the FBI will go after him. They’ll try to set people up. So I kind of get why people are so paranoid,” Rhodes noted.

He also denied accusations that the Oath Keepers were all white supremacists. “The false accusation that we conspire to invade the Capitol is complete garbage. And the garbage that I’m a Fed is also part of the way you destroy someone’s reputation or their ability to function. They can’t buy me, I’m not for sale.”

Rhodes said he could have been a wealthy lawyer but he chose a different path for patriotic reasons.

“I have stuck my neck out and basically sacrificed myself, my own success, to do keepers. I was a Yale Law School graduate. I could be a wealthy lawyer, but I chose that path and do the Patriot cause. It’s just absurd and disgusting to have people try to claim that I’m a Fed,” said Rhodes. “I’ve been a thorn on their side for over a decade. But I don’t do illegal activities. I always stay on the side of the line.”

China using COVID to weaken and invade US

Meanwhile, White and Rhodes agreed that China is using the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) to invade the United States. Mike Adams first articulated this scenario during an earlier episode of the “Critical Disclosure Radio” show.

Adams said one of the possible scenarios is China could weaken everybody with the vaccine and maybe do a land invasion.

“Yeah, I think absolutely. It’s a no-brainer that they want this land. That’s why they’re buying up properties all over the United States. They’re sending all their graduate students here to come spy on us. They’ve been doing that for decades. But I think China wants to land,” said Rhodes. “I think Americans need to accept the reality that they’re using this vaccine to weaken people and depopulate the planet.”

Watch the video below of Stewart Rhodes being interviewed by Jim White.

This video is from the Critical Disclosure Radio channel on Brighteon.com.

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