MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, related entities de-banked

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Image: MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, related entities de-banked

(Natural News) Conservative businessman Mike Lindell revealed that he was “de-banked” by a financial institution. The CEO of MyPillow added that the de-banking by Minnesota Bank & Trust (MBT) impacted nine business entities under his control.

Lindell told “War Room” host Steve Bannon of MBT’s denial of service during the program’s Jan. 14 edition. The businessman said nine related business entities were also affected by the de-banking done by MBT and its parent, Heartland Financial. The Lindell Recovery Network (LRN), Lindell TV, MyShop and the Frankspeech social media platform were among those affected.

Bannon explained the de-banking effort’s impact on the LRN: “This is a network of Christian-based organizations to save drug addicts. They’re at the end of the road, they’re already destroyed and going to kill themselves. There’s one last stop, and that last stop is the LRN. They’re pulling the plug on that.”

Lindell shared a recording of a conversation between his comptroller and an MBT official. The official said MBT’s involvement with Lindell-connected entities posed a “reputation risk” for the bank, adding that it feared being subpoenaed over the businessman’s bank records.

“We haven’t been with them for 10 years. I don’t know; maybe three [or] four years, I’m not even sure how long. [But] they want us to leave their bank,” the MyPillow CEO said.

“They said they want Frankspeech gone. They want us to leave in a week, and they want all the rest gone within 30 days. ‘Oh, let’s get rid of Frankspeech. Let’s attack them financially, too, now. Lindell TV, the Recovery Network, Lindell Publishing, MyStore – it’s just collateral damage.’ I said: ‘I am not being part of this. I’m not leaving, so you’re going to have to throw me out of your bank – and this is it.'”


Lindell insisted that he will not comply with MBT and Heartland’s demands. “They already had made up their mind. They just told us to leave. I’m not leaving.”

Lindell: De-banking an act of reprisal

According to Lindell, MBT’s move to deny him service and kick him out was an act of reprisal against a lawsuit he filed. Red Voice Media reported on Jan. 7 that the MyPillow CEO sued the House Select Committee on the Jan. 6 Attack in the U.S. District Court of Minnesota. (Related: Mike Lindell to file a case before the Supreme Court to save the 2020 election – Brighteon.TV.)

Lindell’s suit stated that the committee subpoenaed telecommunications company Verizon to turn over all of his communication records on a designated mobile number between Nov. 1, 2020 and Jan. 31, 2021. He claimed that the subpoena violated his rights guaranteed under the First and Fourth Amendments.

The businessman further alleged that committee members “acted without authority because they were not validly organized as a House committee” under the chamber’s rules. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi established the committee in July 2021 to investigate the Jan. 6 Capitol siege.

He requested the court to either invalidate the committee’s subpoena or allow him an opportunity to review the information requested before turning it over. According to Lindell, the second request will grant him an opportunity to “assert any applicable claim or attorney-client or other privilege.”

Lindell told Bannon: “As you know, I went after Pelosi and that big committee they got going to scare everybody. By doing this [de-banking], these banks want to be part of the cancel culture. They want to cancel out all of these entities. They want to silence Frankspeech, they want to silence Lindell TV, there’s nine entities on there.” (Related: Right Side Broadcasting censored MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for warning about coronavirus vaccines.)

“This is a first for me. This is a first, and I’m not going to let it happen. If we didn’t have your show right now to show what they’re doing to me, they would have gotten away with it and the story wouldn’t have been told.”

Watch the video below of Lindell’s conversation with Bannon.

This video is from the Mainly Infowars/Banned.Video channel on has more about Mike Lindell and other conservatives being canceled by financial institutions.

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