Ronald McDonald House to evict 4-year-old children with leukemia because they aren’t “vaccinated” … father decries, “unimaginable cruelty”

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Image: Ronald McDonald House to evict 4-year-old children with leukemia because they aren’t “vaccinated” … father decries, “unimaginable cruelty”

(Natural News) The Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver, Can., is poised to start evicting families that do not provide proof of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” for the sick and dying children.

Austin Furgason, the father of a four-year-old child with leukemia who has been receiving treatment there since October, is one such parent who was recently told that unless his son gets jabbed with an abortion-tainted clot shot, the child will have to leave the facility.

Furgason shared a video on Twitter (watch below) of his exchange with the manager of the facility, who insists the child must get jabbed “to reduce the risk to the entire house.”

“This doesn’t make sense,” Furgason immediately responded, explaining that according to government officials, the shots do not prevent the spread of the Fauci Flu.

This is fully admitted by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) head Rochelle Walensky, as well as Big Pharma and really everyone else involved in pushing the plandemic narrative.

The manager refused to listen, though.

Father of sick child says covid cult is “far more dangerous than covid”

This is when Furgason took to Facebook to blow the lid on the corrupt Ronald McDonald House, which no longer exists to “save lives” but rather seeks to end them with forced medical fascism.


“All tenants, adults and children over the age of 5 who are not vaccinated are out by the end of January,” Furgason wrote. “How absolutely wicked and vile.”

“The Covid cult is far more dangerous than Covid,” he added. “If they will evict families with cancer, what won’t they do?”

True North news obtained a copy of the letter that Furgason received from the Ronald McDonald House explaining that the new vaccine mandate will begin on January 17 and that “families already in the House / Family Room” will have until January 31 to either receive a “minimum one dose” or else be forcibly removed.

The letter instructs recipients to “visit our front desk to scan your BC vaccination passport, confirming proof of vaccination or provide the vaccination card for those under 12 years of age.”

The new policy applies to “everyone five years and older who are working, staying, or visiting our facilities,” meaning it includes the family members and friends of sick children.

Unless a family is able to prove that it was granted accommodation that “has been sought and has been explicitly approved and granted by RMH BC in writing,” they are out of the Ronald McDonald House come the first of February. (Related: The Ronald McDonald House is tied to the McDonald’s fast food chain, which poisons children and gives them cancer.)

The whole point of the Ronald McDonald House, by the way, is to help sick children and their families who live very far from hospitals receive specialized treatment. Soon, Furgason and other families like his will not only be kicked out but have nowhere else to go.

Meanwhile, the Ronald McDonald House Charities in British Columbia and Yukon have published a notice on their website explaining that “an abundance of sanitizer and kindness will help us ensure the safety of everyone at the House.”

Fauci Flu fascism is the real virus that is spreading uncontrollably. To keep up with the latest, visit

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