U.S. shoppers facing increasingly barren shelves, with comparisons to Soviet stores in the 1980s amid Biden’s worsening supply chain crisis

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Image: U.S. shoppers facing increasingly barren shelves, with comparisons to Soviet stores in the 1980s amid Biden’s worsening supply chain crisis

(Natural News) The supply chain crisis under Joe Biden’s ‘presidency’ is getting worse, as his Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, seems to have all the time in the world to post child pics with his hubby to social media but no time to address empty store shelves that remind some of the Soviet-era grocery stores.

All around the country, U.S. shoppers are facing rising shortages of basic foods as a number of factors combine to make the crisis worse.

In addition to severe winter storms that have disrupted shipping in some parts of the country over the past several days, Democrat-led cities and states are once again using the COVID pandemic — the spread of the exceedingly mild omicron variant — to shut down their economies and keep supply chain personnel at home where they cannot unload ships, docks and trucks, or load them at warehouses.

“On Monday, the U.S. confirmed a world record 1.46 million new cases of COVID-19, and one economic expert has predicted that five million people, or 3 percent of the national workforce, will have to call in sick this week as the virus spreads,” the UK’s Daily Mail reported.

While hospitalizations are at another peak, it’s being noted that not all of them are related to omicron or COVID in general. Also, far fewer Americans are dying from the virus.

But none of that matters: The regime has done next to nothing to solve the crisis and that’s while it continues to get worse, leaving Americans wanting basic food items that a first-world, advanced nation should never face.


The Daily Mail published photos of empty shelves at a Walmart in Anchorage, Alaska; a food store in Washington, D.C.; a Trader Joe’s in Brooklyn, N.Y., and a grocery in Long Island, N.Y.

Major grocery chains are telling investors that the supply chain issue isn’t going away anytime soon, which is identical to the message they’ve been getting now for months.

“There are more supply challenges, and we would expect more supply challenges over the next four to six weeks,” Albertsons CEO Vivek Sankaran said on an earnings call. Albertsons owns Safeway, Vons and Jewel-Osco.

He also said that Albertsons has had to deal with being out of several items now for months.

“I think as a business, we’ve all learned to manage it. We’ve all learned to make sure that the stores are still very presentable, give the consumers as much choice as we can get,” he noted.

“For 2022, we expect supply pressures to likely linger for longer, perhaps until the second half of next year before gradually unwinding,” Deutsche Bank analysts wrote in an investor note earlier this week.

“While there is plenty of food in the supply chain, we anticipate consumers will continue to experience sporadic disruptions in certain product categories as we have seen over the past year and half due to the continued supply and labor challenges,” National Grocers Association CEO Greg Ferrara added.

One man told Fox News of the bare shelves in a D.C. grocery store: “It’s like a Soviet store during 1981. It’s horrible.”

For his part, Buttigieg blamed the pandemic and prior administrations.

“As long as the pandemic persists, as long as we are making up for decades of past disinvestment, we are going to see impacts on shipping times and shipping cost,” he said earlier this year at a press conference in Long Beach, Calif., home to one of the busiest U.S. ports.

At the same time, American consumers are getting walloped with historically high inflation, again, thanks to this administration’s pathetic economic policies of flooding the economy with newly printed cash at a time of short supply, which acts as a guarantee to increase prices.

“Inflation has risen 7 percent since last December, the highest inflation rate the United States has seen in four decades, and the president is attempting to sell this to his constituents as ‘progress,'” Conservative Brief reported on Wednesday.

Biden’s regime is proving, once again, why Democrats cannot be in charge, ever.

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