SHOCK: German physicians discover “astonishing” impurities in COVID “vaccine”

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Image: SHOCK: German physicians discover “astonishing” impurities in COVID “vaccine”

(Natural News) A group of German doctors and researchers have become the latest to find substantial impurities in COVID-19 vaccines as well as the blood of vaccinated individuals.

As reported by the RAIR Foundation, the pathologists presented an analysis complete with video and photos of the vaccine during a shocking but little-publicized press conference in September, a clip of which has been translated for the organization.

According to the video and presentation, foreign objects were discovered in the vaccines along with the blood of some people who were given the jabs.

“Some of the foreign objects were described as ‘accurately constructed’ and also — shockingly — worms that were hatched from eggs,” the foundation said in a report.

“The live-streamed press conference was organized by the Stiftung Corona-Ausschuss, which can be loosely described as Germany’s equivalent of America’s Frontline Doctors. As expected, their remarkable presentation was slammed by the German legacy media,” the foundation’s report continued.

The presentation was led by Dr. Arne Burkhardt, who was the “head of the Institute of Pathology in Reutlingen for 18 years and then worked as a pathologist in private practice,” as well as Dr. Walter Lang, who “worked as a pathologist at the Hannover Medical School from 1968 to 1985” before he founded a private pathological institute in Hanover, and Dr. Werner Birkholz, a one-time professor of electrical engineering that focused on risk management and quality at Jacobs University in Bremen.


Dr. Ute Langer, a surgeon, made the introductions.

As part of the presentation, the researchers conducted an analysis of “leftover vaccines from the company BioNTech-Pfizer,” some of which revealed what “appears to be an accurately constructed object.”

(Credit: RAIR Foundation)

In addition, the researchers found “worms” that appear to have been “hatched” within the vaccine serum:

(Credit: RAIR Foundation)

The German physicians and researchers are not the only ones to have discovered foreign objects within COVID-19 vaccines, per the foundation:

  • In August, Japan suspended the Moderna vaccine after foreign materials were found in their coronavirus vaccine. According to Nikkei Asia, the substance was found to react to magnets. As reported at RAIR Foundation USA, Japan has been exceptionally transparent with their handling of the coronavirus vaccine, while respecting the autonomy of their citizens.
  • Dr. Carrie Madej, an internist, also discovered foreign objects after studying the injections, including “graphene-like” objects and “a tentacled, moving organism-like creature in the Moderna jab.”

Also, according to a Twitter thread posted in October, particles, “particle aggregations,” and “Fiber-like structures,” some containing “branches” and a “ring-like structure,” were found in vaccines.


“The findings were based on a ‘microscopy analysis’ of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine sample,” the RAIR Foundation reported, adding that, according to a scientist who spoke on condition of anonymity and who claimed to have been published more than 100 times in peer-reviewed journals like the New England Journal of Medicine and The Lancet, the analysis was done “with a bright field and phase-contrast microscopy” while “applying rigorous scientific and hygiene standards.”

(See full conference transcript here)

What have these people put in these vaccines? It seems clear they aren’t pure, by any means.

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