HBO now pushing racist, bigoted Critical Race Theory as a central theme in its broadcast shows

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Image: HBO now pushing racist, bigoted Critical Race Theory as a central theme in its broadcast shows

(Natural News) Any chance they get, the filth that runs Hollywood takes the opportunity to prop up black people while denigrating white people. And the HBO show “In Treatment” is no exception.

In it, a large black woman named Brooke (Uzo Aduba) plays the part of an angry, condescending psychiatrist of color who lectures an effeminate “straight” white man named Colin (John Benjamin Hickey) about the evils of having pale skin.

This tired, highly racist theme has become a mainstay in American advertising, TV shows and movies, where black people are portrayed as the smart, respectable majority demographic alongside dumb, wimpy white people – if any white people are even portrayed at all.

Usually it is a white woman with a black man, but almost never do you see a white woman with a white man. And good luck finding any white men under 40 at all portrayed in anything American anymore.

Anyway, “In Treatment” plays on every anti-white stereotype you can imagine, from the piercing violence in the eyes of the angry, overweight black woman to the pathetic race pandering of the self-loathing, libtarded-looking white man to whom she is talking down.

In the show, Brooke is also portrayed as having a white boyfriend (big shocker…), despite hating all white people and especially white men. You can pretty much see the violence in her eyes while she speaks of white people.

No self-respecting white person would pay even a dime to support anything coming out of Hollywood

One of the episodes depicts Brooke clarifying herself about some previous statements she made in a previous episode that may have been misconstrued as demonstrating value in white people.


Brooke makes it clear that whites have no redeeming value in her eyes, and that the “horrific inequality” in the United States is not the result of white people “being more driven” to work and succeed, but rather because white people have benefitted from “centuries of dominance.”

“No, of course,” the pandering white man responds to Brooke. “But is our skewed perception of what success looks like responsible for some of that disparity? I don’t know.”

Brooke quickly responds in anger with a diatribe that the white man is wrong, and has an “insistence on centering yourselves and your comfort” that makes them “capable of subjugating others for your own personal gain without even thinking twice.”

“Hundred percent,” the dumb libtarded white man then responds.

The whole thing is a cringeworthy propaganda session in “Critical Race Theory” that HBO tried to force into some dumb show that nobody watches anyway. Still, some people are paying to watch this trash, and some advertisers are funding its existence in the first place.

“Once again, the show resists showing even one positive, intelligent white male character,” notes Newsbusters.

If you have light skin, there is simply no excuse for you to continue supporting this kind of trash – unless you support your own genocide, of course. Because that is where this is all headed the longer this is allowed to go on with your support.

Every white person would do best to cancel HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Peacock, Disney Plus, and every other filth-spewing streaming service that is putting out this kind of garbage – because all of them are.

Spare your family the indoctrination spree and spend more time playing with your children outside, going to the beach, having a picnic, or really anything that involves not giving even one more penny to Hollywood or the American “entertainment” culture.

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