Healthy athletes dying post-vaccine era: Guatemalan soccer star Marcos Menaldo dies in pre-season training

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Image: Healthy athletes dying post-vaccine era: Guatemalan soccer star Marcos Menaldo dies in pre-season training

(Natural News) Guatemalan soccer player Marcos Menaldo, in his prime and supposed to be physically fit at 25 years old, died Monday, Jan. 3, after suffering a heart attack during a pre-season training session.

According to reports, Menaldo, a central defender for Club Deportivo Marquense based in San Marcos, a city in Guatemala, collapsed on the field during practice at the Marquesa de la Ensenada Stadium and received emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) at the scene of the incident.

Menaldo was then rushed to the Hospital de Especialidades in San Marcos where he was pronounced dead.

Hernan Maldonado, the president of Club Deportivo which was crowned Liga de Ascenso champion in December, said Menaldo fainted in training at around 11:00 a.m. “It is quite strong and shocking because you lose not only a player but also a friend,” said Maldonado, who described Menaldo as a “young, dynamic and jovial person.”

“God has his plans and his purposes, but unfortunately we have the death.”

A fan-favorite, Menaldo joined Club Deportivo Marquense in 2018 and played a key role during Deportivo’s second division title win last season.

The club has yet to provide additional details on the tragic incident, although there were reports Menaldo complained of having difficulty breathing previously. (Related: Drs. Bryan Ardis and Peter McCullough talk about athletes dying after getting COVID vaccines – Brighteon.TV.)

Soccer players dying during matches or training

Menaldo’s death sent alarm signals as the number of soccer players collapsing during matches or training is rising. The reported that Croatian soccer player Marin Cacic died in similar circumstances on December 23, 2021.


Only 23 years old, Cacic also collapsed on the field in training. He was diagnosed with heart failure at a nearby hospital where he was brought and later died.

Omani player Mukhaled Al-Raqadi died on Dec. 22, 2021 during a pregame warm-up. The 29-year-old Muscat FC player collapsed ahead of his team’s match with rival Al-Suwaiq FC. He was rushed to a nearby hospital but died shortly after arriving.

According to the Oman Observer, medical reports cited a heart attack as the reason for Al-Raqadi’s death.

Egyptian player Ahmed Amin died on the same day, following sudden cardiac arrest. The goalkeeper for the Egyptian Third Division’s Al Rebat & Al Anwar SC joined training on that day. Amin then headed to the locker room, where he fell unconscious.

The club’s medical team tried to revive him to no avail. Amin was brought to the nearest hospital, but doctors said the goalkeeper was already dead and nothing could be done. The 24-year-old’s cause of death was sudden cardiac arrest.

Algerian player Soufiane Loukar tragically died on Christmas Day during a soccer match in the city of Oran. The 28-year-old from the MC Saida club was hurt after running into his goalkeeper during the team’s match with ASM Oran. Loukar received medical treatment but collapsed around 10 minutes after.

Asked whether the increase in the number of players having cardiac arrests while on the field may be related to the players getting a vaccine against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) stated it is not aware of such claim and has not seen any cases attributed to individuals receiving the shot.

“FIFA is not aware of a rise in episodes of cardiac arrests and no cases have been flagged in relation to individuals receiving a COVID vaccine,” FIFA said in a statement.

Recent studies, however, suggest a possible link between the deaths and COVID-19 vaccination.

A June 29 study published in JAMA Cardiology noted that 23 previously healthy males in the U.S. military with an average age of 25 complained of chest pain within four days of mRNA vaccine inoculation. The figure was higher than earlier projections of cardiac inflammation.

In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has added a warning to the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines about a possible link to cases of heart inflammation in teenagers and young adults.

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