COVID-19 masks make you sick so the MASK NAZIS are “all in” for enforcing them in California stores

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Image: COVID-19 masks make you sick so the MASK NAZIS are “all in” for enforcing them in California stores

(Natural News) During this scamdemic holocaust, bad Covid “safety” advice is being perpetuated and enforced as if it were law. Grocery stores in California now have workers who are pretending to be some kind of SS-police for the Covid regime, telling anyone who tries to enter the store without a bacteria-breeding mask that they are not allowed to buy food in order to survive. New Leaf grocery store has its employees casting and spewing hatred for people who have doctor’s notes that say they can’t wear a mask. This is a clear violation of HIPAA and these Nazi-style stores should be shut down for discrimination.

Are Mask Nazis accessories to murder?

If Americans who choose not to get vaccinated for Covid or wear the useless masks cannot shop for food anymore, aren’t the people who deny them this right guilty of murder, if those shoppers starve to death? There are millions of Americans who have caught Covid, beat it, have natural immunity now, and the government still wants them all to get vaccinated and wear masks everywhere.

Even the “fully vaccinated” are forced to wear their masks, still. It’s an outrage and it’s ridiculous control-tripping, at all levels. Now stores in California have little Nazi worker bees going around trying to starve out anyone without a useless mask who wants to shop at their store. Will they all be “shot on sight” next for even trying to go outside and buy groceries? This is what the scamdemic has come to, and it’s not far off from Nazi Germany, as many have now forgotten the Holocaust.


The healthy, non-masked, unvaccinated are the new “Jews” of the Vaccine Holocaust Scamdemic of 2022

Get your boosters everyone, run out and get an injection that enhances infection while it causes your cells to produce poison for your system, while clotting your blood and creating a new remote controlled system that can shut down your organs with the flip of a “Microsoft” switch. Welcome to the New, New World Order, where you can’t shop for food (in California already) if you don’t prove your body is full of deadly toxins, including your mouth from a rotting mask.

A former guard at a Nazi concentration camp testified in court that he witnessed people getting slow-walked into the gas chambers. The guards locked the doors behind them and then he heard all the banging and screaming while the Jews all suffocated to death from insecticide inside the chambers. Just like the grocery store manager in California, these guards were all GUILTY to playing part in known genocide, aiding and abetting the mass-murdering mayhem. Isn’t knowingly trying to starve people to death a crime also?

Mr. Bruno Dey was a former Nazi SS private/guard, and he is quoted as saying in court, “…people were led in, into the gas chamber, then the door was locked.” He witnessed 20 to 30 prisoners at a time get locked down, then he would listen to them all scream until they died. “I didn’t see anyone come out.”

Americans who participate in enforcing horrific Covid-scamdemic rules and “mandates” are aiding and abetting mass murder. Beware. The law may not catch you now, but once the mass deaths rack up in this country beyond reasonable doubt, all the lists and videos and documentation will be used against them in a court of law.

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