NY health commissioner admits to INFLATING kids’ hospitalization rates to push Covid vaccines

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Image: NY health commissioner admits to INFLATING kids’ hospitalization rates to push Covid vaccines

(Natural News) The acting health commissioner for New York state admitted to over-reporting the number of children being hospitalized due to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). Dr. Mary Bassett defended her actions as a way to encourage children to get injected with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Bassett made this admission during a Dec. 28, 2021 press conference. She said that only a small number of children being admitted to hospitals have COVID-19, and there was no “epidemic of infection” at all. However, a handful of rare pediatric hospitalizations were lumped in the actual count – increasing the total reported number of children sent to hospital for COVID infection.

“The numbers that we gave on pediatric admissions weren’t intended to make it seem that children were having an epidemic of infection. These were small numbers that we reported in our Health Alert [and were] based on 50 hospitalizations. It really is to motivate pediatricians and families to seek the protection of vaccination,” she said.

Bassett’s admission appeared to paint a different picture compared to a press release issued by her department on Christmas Eve. The New York State Department of Health warned of “an upward trend in pediatric hospitalizations” due to COVID-19 in its Dec. 24 press release. The department zeroed in on New York City, which recorded “four-fold increases” in the number of children being admitted for COVID-19 starting on the week of Dec. 5 through the week of Dec. 24.

The press release also pointed out that for the week of Dec. 19, the children hospitalized for COVID-19 were not fully vaccinated. On the other hand, only a quarter of hospitalized children aged 12 to 17 were fully vaccinated. “These startling trends underscore the critical importance of protecting our children from COVID-19,” the statement said. (Related: STUDY: Vaccinating children against COVID makes zero sense; more children are harmed by the vaccines than from COVID.)


“The risks of COVID-19 for children are real. We are alerting New Yorkers to this recent striking increase in pediatric COVID-19 admissions so that pediatricians, parents and guardians can take urgent action to protect our youngest New Yorkers. We must use all available safe and effective infection control, prevention and mitigation strategies,” Bassett said in the press release.

COVID hospitalization rates often overcounted

Bassett’s admission comes less than a month after New York Gov. Kathy Hochul named her as the new health commissioner. She replaced her predecessor Howard Zucker, who resigned in September 2021 following a similar issue on COVID-19 numbers.

Zucker stepped down from his post following backlash of his handling of the pandemic in the state, particularly when he agreed with former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s decision to downplay the number of COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes.

It remains unclear whether the children hospitalized for COVID-19 were actually admitted because of the virus. Even National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Dr. Anthony Fauci acknowledged this issue during an interview with MSNBC. (Related: Leaked video reveals doctors, hospital officials discussing how to inflate COVID-19 numbers to scare people into getting vaccinated.)

According to Fauci, many children are admitted to hospitals “with COVID” compared to “because of COVID.” He added that the latter is being over-counted because of hospital protocol that require children to be tested for COVID-19 despite being there for a different illness.

“If you look at the children that are hospitalized – many of them are hospitalized ‘with COVID’ as opposed to ‘because of COVID.’ If a child goes to [the] hospital, they automatically get tested. They get counted as a COVID-hospitalized individual when in fact – they go for a broken leg, appendicitis or something like that.”

Watch the video below about COVID-19 vaccines being the actual cause of children’s hospitalization and death.

This video is from the Freedom Spirit Power channel on Brighteon.com.

Deception.news has more about the over-counting of COVID-19 hospitalizations in children.

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