Del Bigtree slams fact-checkers targeting his reporting at The HighWire

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Image: Del Bigtree slams fact-checkers targeting his reporting at The HighWire

(Natural News) “The HighWire” host Del Bigtree denounced fact-checkers targeting his reporting. The founder of the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) zeroed in on NewsGuard, which has flagged his program’s reports several times now.

“NewsGuard is one of those fact-checkers that has reached out multiple times. You got to take the time to answer every single question – [under threat of downgrading] your website. They claim to be funded by private parties, but also social media platforms,” Bigtree said. The ICAN founder told independent journalist Jeffery Jaxen that NewsGuard and other fact-checking groups are simply “obnoxious.”

He also mentioned how NewsGuard and other fact-checkers seemingly refute and censor actual facts in favor of a false narrative. One instance of censorship Bigtree cited was an experiment where he put a carbon dioxide (CO2) monitor under his 11-year-old son’s mask. The CO2 showed a measurement of more than 9,500 parts per million (ppm), way more than the 5,000 ppm limit for daily exposure.

“All I did was stick a CO2 monitor under the mask of my son, let him breathe and show the world what [the monitor] said. [It] wasn’t a magic trick. I didn’t change how the machine worked. I don’t know what needs to be fact-checked about that,” he told Jaxen.

Bigtree mentioned another instance of NewsGuard’s suppression of actual truth by means of fact-checks. “The HighWire” shared footage of World Health Organization (WHO) Chief Scientist Soumya Swaminathan making contradictory claims about vaccine safety.


Swaminathan claimed in a Nov. 28, 2019 video by the WHO that “vaccines are perfectly safe.” However, her tune appeared to change on Dec. 3 of the same year during the WHO Global Vaccine Safety Summit. (Related: Historic court case reveals that NO safety studies were conducted on any vaccine over thirty-two years, as was required by law.)

“We cannot over-emphasize the fact that we really don’t have very good safety monitoring systems. We’re not able to give clear-cut answers when people ask questions about the deaths that have occurred due to a particular vaccine,” the chief scientist told summit participants.

“That was literally just two videos by Swaminathan, who said that we have a robust vaccine surveillance system. And then at a WHO meeting days later, [she] said ‘We don’t have a surveillance system that we can trust.’ Those two together got us fact-checked,” Bigtree said.

The HighWire fights back against biased fact-checkers

The ICAN founder noted that NewsGuard and other fact-checking groups sum up their queries by asking if the site will change its reporting. Bigtree said: “Here’s what that question looks like: Does this site stand by these reports, or is a correction or retraction warranted?”

He continued: “The HighWire stands by all of our reports just as we stood by reporting last year, when NewsGuard accused [us of] promoting the lab origin theory. We interviewed guests who described how they believed the SARS-CoV-2 virus was developed in a laboratory at that time.”

Dr. James Lyons-Weiler was among the many guests interviewed by Bigtree regarding SARS-CoV-2’s laboratory origins. He joined the program’s Jan. 30, 2020 episode to explain why this is the case. Lyons-Weiler explained that the coronavirus’s genetic sequence contains the spike protein inserted using pShuttle technology. He added that this insertion can only be performed in a lab and such a process has never occurred naturally in nature.

“NewsGuard wrote [and] this is what they said to us: This claim was found to be false by Health Feedback. A March 2020 study in Nature Medicine refuted the claim that the virus was created or genetically modified,” Bigtree recounted.

“I wrote [back]: Clearly, our reporting integrity on this issue of [SARS-CoV-2’s] lab origin is aging better than that of Health Feedback or NewsGuard. We are confident that all of our reporting will age equally as well. Perhaps there should be an organization that fact-checks NewsGuard in order to avoid these types of critical errors. Just a thought.”

“That’s how I deal with them. I like to, in the end, point out what a ridiculous bunch of clowns they actually are. Truth is, I consider us the fact-checker. We’ve been fact-checking the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and the FDA [Food and Drug Administration] through this entire COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been fact-checking the WHO, even the [U.S.] president. So I guess it’s only right that they would send their fact-checkers after us.” (Related: BREAKING: YouTube de-platforms Del Bigtree’s “The Highwire” channel after his investigations questioned the rigged COVID-19 narrative of the WHO and CDC.)

Bigtree concluded: “I think we’re winning the battle. That warning label is almost a badge of honor. I think we’re so tired of being lied to and [manipulated] by social media that when we see these flags, that must be a video [we] need to see.”

Jaxen agreed, saying: “In a way, it has kind of freed us here at ‘The HighWire’ because we’re not bound by the constraints of these third parties that are trying to control speech and what we report. It’s almost like an emancipation of information, if you will.”

Watch the video below in which Del Bigtree criticized the so-called fact-checkers.

This video is from the SecureLife channel on has more about NewsGuard and other groups suppressing the truth under the guise of “fact-checks.”

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