Anthony Fauci: Omicron significantly less severe than delta

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Image: Anthony Fauci: Omicron significantly less severe than delta

(Natural News) White House Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci recently admitted that the omicron variant of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is less severe than previous strains, even as several Democrat-run areas reimplemented mask mandates and introduced coercive vaccination requirements.

“All indications point to a lesser severity of omicron versus delta,” said Fauci, also the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). “With omicron, if you have a larger number of infections – and as the data that I presented here indicate that there is – it looks like [there’s] a significant lessening of severity compared to others.”

He conceded that people will ultimately have to “live” with something that will not be eradicated nor eliminated completely. “It will be much more relevant as to what the level of seriousness of impact is, as opposed to infection, which might turn out to be milder.”

However, many blue-led states across the country still reimplemented strict COVID measures and introduced coercive vaccination requirements, including vaccine passport requirements in New York City and continued mask mandates on planes.

Fauci noted that while the data is encouraging, research is still in its preliminary stage. He said that people should not become complacent as the extremely high volume of cases could still overwhelm healthcare systems even if the new variant causes fewer hospitalizations.

His comments came as COVID cases hit record highs in many nations, including the United States. Hospitalizations have also been rising, but not with the same speed as the rise in number of new cases. Fauci said the pattern and disparity between cases and hospitalizations suggest that there will be a lower hospitalization-to-case ratio with omicron. (Related: Omicron could actually be the SOLUTION to the entire covid plandemic.)


Fauci continues to spread fear as government promotes booster and COVID vaccines for children

While there is no final determination yet about the omicron’s severity in children, Fauci expects more hospitalizations from the younger age group simply because more people will get infected with the new variant. The NIAID director didn’t waste the chance to promote the vaccine.

“The risk of severe disease from any circulating variant, including omicron, is much higher for the unvaccinated. And so, adults and children who are eligible [should] get vaccinated, and vaccinated people [should] get boosted when eligible,” he said.

The omicron shows a “degree of immune evasion” from antibodies, including those induced by the vaccines, but Fauci claimed that booster shots could bring back up a certain degree of protection. “So boosters are critical in getting our approach to omicron to be optimal,” Fauci said.

He also highlighted data from South Africa, the U.K. and the U.S., all of which suggested there is a lower risk of hospitalization or death from omicron compared to previous waves of the virus.

A separate study also showed the risk of hospital admission for omicron infection at about 40 percent compared to the risk posed by delta, while another study indicated that omicron has an “overall significant reduction in the risk of hospitalization.”

In the U.K., new daily case reports exceeded 100,000 earlier in December. Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that the government is watching data but would not call for stricter measures until after the holidays at the earliest.

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