A New York pop-up clinic used EXPIRED covid vaccines, demands hundreds of victims return for follow-up dose

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Image: A New York pop-up clinic used EXPIRED covid vaccines, demands hundreds of victims return for follow-up dose

(Natural News) The lockdowns in New York are getting stricter with each passing day. More venues are targeting innocent people, denying entry if these individuals do not produce specific medical records that prove they participated in the experimental spike protein inoculation process.

These policies of coercion and segregation are illegal, but are endorsed by the state and ignored by the Attorney General. New York mayor Bill de Blasio recently approved mobile covid vaccination vans for tourists in Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Central Park and the High Line. These pop-up vaccination sites target tourists who are being shunned, restricted, discriminated and segregated against — coercing them to comply with the inoculation requirements in order to move about freely in New York. It turns out though, that these coercive, hasty sites are plunging expired doses into people’s arms.

Expired vaccines plunged into hundreds of people in New York

The ATC Vaccination Services in New York is calling hundreds of people they corralled at the Times Square pop-up vaccine clinic. The state isn’t calling to offer an apology for their illicit, coercive acts. The state is notifying these people because they were plunged with an “expired” and “defective” vaccine. Furthermore, New York public health authorities now demand that the victims return to a mobile vaccine site and receive a follow-up dose in the opposite arm, breaching the guidelines of the FDA’s emergency use authorization (EUA).

So far, the site’s vaccine provider, ATC Vaccination Services, notified 899 individuals who received defective shots. The shots were administered at the NFL Experience Building in Times Square between June 5 and June 10. New York authorities have since replaced ATC Vaccination Services with a new provider in Times Square.


It took nearly a week for these medical professionals to notice the expiration date. These vaccine administrators are so accustomed to mindlessly plunging needles into people, they forgot to check the expiration date for days on end. The ATC reassures the public that “there should be no adverse health consequences from the vaccine already received,” and the New York City Health Department and the New York City Vaccine Command Center are echoing their claim. In fact, they contacted Pfizer and got the okay to stick the victims a third time, going against the FDA’s EUA.

“They [Pfizer] further instructed us to follow up via phone and mail to alert the recipients that the only way to be certain that they are fully vaccinated is to come in for another shot,” the vaccine provider wrote.

After ensuring the victims’ safety, the ATC Vaccination Services told the victims they still “cannot guarantee the effectiveness” of the doses they received. In other words, the dose does not count toward their vaccination record card. In order to get their freedom back and prove they are compliant with New York’s vaccine demands, the victims must go back to their abuser and get a third dose.

New York is promising “safety” they cannot guarantee

The lipid nano-particles that encase the mRNA in the experimental vaccine are to be kept in special freezers at a specific temperature, or else they degrade and the mRNA breaks down. According to the ATC email, the vaccines were “in the freezer beyond the approved time frame prior to it being administered.”

It’s practically impossible to ensure that each vaccine dose is kept at the correct temperature at these mobile vaccination clinics. The stability of the mRNA will likely differ from person to person and affect people in different ways. In one study, researchers found that the spike proteins do not stay in the deltoid muscle, as intended. The spike proteins escape into the bloodstream and can cause clumping, leading to blood clots. The spike proteins can concentrate in the vital organs, crossing the blood brain barrier where they may cause cerebral edema and hemorrhage.

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