SCIENTISTS issued death threats to former CDC director after he admitted lab origin theory for covid was plausible

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Image: SCIENTISTS issued death threats to former CDC director after he admitted lab origin theory for covid was plausible

(Natural News) Ex-CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) director Robert Redfield appeared on CNN the other day to dispute the natural origin theory of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). During the interview, Redfield claimed that he was “threatened and ostracized” to push this narrative over the lab origin theory, which many mainstream media outlets are now warming up to as a possible explanation for the Chinese Virus.

In Redfield’s view, the Wuhan Flu was constructed inside a Chinese laboratory where it “escaped” and spread around the world. For suggesting this, Redfield says he has had scientists call for his death.

“I expected it from politicians,” Redfield lamented to Vanity Fair, which also conducted an interview with him. “I didn’t expect it from science.”

The Biden regime is also suddenly switching course by lending credence to the lab origin theory. Intelligence officials are supposedly “redoubling” their efforts to get to the bottom of where the Chinese Virus came from so the blame game can continue.

We know from the Fauci emails that much has been done to obscure the origins of the Wuhan Flu. This includes covering for the fact that Fauci and his friends funneled American taxpayer dollars to Wuhan where dangerous gain of function experiments on bat coronaviruses were being conducted behind closed doors.

Because then-President Donald Trump drew attention to these experiments, the issue quickly became politicized. Suddenly it was a “Trump thing” to believe that the Chinese Virus came from anywhere other than a Wuhan wet market, which is the original narrative presented when this whole thing began.


Fauci flip-flops AGAIN, now says Chinese Virus probably came from bats

There is now plenty of infighting among the “elite” as to whether the Chinese Virus came from bats or whether it came from a lab. Some on the outside are also pointing to the fact that the Chinese Virus has never been isolated at all, and thus does not meet Koch’s postulates for establishing a causal relationship between a microbe and a disease.

Whatever the case may be, the world is not being told the truth about what is going on here, which is unacceptable. The entire global economy has taken a massive hit – except for maybe China’s economy – and millions of lives have been lost. Someone needs to pay.

Redfield served as CDC director for two years until being terminated at the end of Trump’s first term. It took several months after that before the lab origin theory moved from “conspiracy theory” to possible fact, and Redfield’s sudden reappearance back in the media limelight is proof of that.

The Biden regime had planned to scrap the whole investigation until it really started gaining traction in recent weeks, prompting a reversal in the narrative. Now, it is suddenly a viable possibility that the Chinese Virus did, in fact, come from a Chinese lab.

Hilariously, Fauci has once again flip-flopped – what is that, eight times now? – and is now saying that he believes the Wuhan Flu came from a bat rather than a lab. Fauci has, however, left the door open for the possibility that it may have been genetically engineered.

“How do you ‘trust the science’ when you can’t trust most of the scientists, and those who are paying their salaries?” asked one commenter at the DailyMail Online (United Kingdom).

“There needs to be an immediate investigation into this,” wrote another, directing her comment at Redfield. “It is OUTRAGEOUS that our nation’s top medical professionals are being intimidated into silence. Thank you for speaking out!”

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