NYU Professor charged with “hate speech” after urging students to investigate propaganda behind mask mandates

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Image: NYU Professor charged with “hate speech” after urging students to investigate propaganda behind mask mandates

(Natural News) A professor at New York University is under attack from 19 of his colleagues. Professor Mark Crispin Miller has been socially ostracized, put through administrative reviews, had his class canceled, and threatened with termination for simply urging his students to investigate the scientific rationale behind the mask mandates. In September of 2020, Professor Miller asked his students to assess the propaganda behind the mask mandates.

Nineteen of Miller’s colleagues conspired against him and signed a letter to the school dean, demanding a review of his conduct. The letter accuses Professor Miller of inciting “explicit” hate speech and “advocating for an unsafe learning environment.” His colleagues libeled his name and claimed that his anti-mask views are an “attack on students.” One student went online and slammed Miller for promoting conspiracy theories. The dean, Jack Knott, and the school’s COVID rule advisor, Carlo Ciotoli, privately emailed the students and said Professor Miller gave them “dangerous misinformation” while providing them with “authoritative public health guidance” from the CDC.

Apparently, no one is allowed to question the “science” or challenge the hand of force behind the covid mandates.

Professor has no choice but to sue his colleagues for libel and for suppressing academic freedom

For the past twenty years, Professor Miller has taught a course on propaganda at the university’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development. This is the first time Professor Miller has ever been attacked in such an Orwellian fashion for the simple act of promoting critical thinking on a topic that impacts everyone’s way of life. This is the first time that real life propaganda would be used as a weapon against Professor Miller, as his colleagues organized and attacked him personally. Isn’t it ironic that the professor who understands propaganda would be attacked by colleagues who are controlled by propaganda?


Now Professor Miller is fighting back and suing these nineteen colleagues for libel. Higher education should teach students how to think, not what to think. What is an education if independent thinking is forbidden? What is an education if state and corporate power can dictate individuality and thought? These nineteen colleagues only desire more indoctrination and blind subservience to authority. To intimidate, socially ostracize and censor one of their own, these hysterical thought controllers show just how far they will go to protect their oppressive ideologies and cult-like belief systems.

The exploitation of human psychology and behavior using digital surveillance and propaganda

“Propaganda is an organized attempt to get large numbers of people to think or do something — or not think or do something. That’s really all it is. That’s an informal definition but it’s a good one,” Professor Miller says.

Miller said propaganda is a form of “sub rational manipulation. It is not like traditional rhetoric, which uses persuasion through argument. The fundamental principles of good communication are being destroyed by Big Tech propaganda and academic censorship.

“It’s been with us for a long time [propaganda], but the rise of the digital world, our absorption into the digital universe, has radically intensified this kind of effort and made it successful beyond the wildest dreams of Dr. Goebbels or Edward Bernays.

The digital surveillance of individuals, the target marketing, and the algorithmic control over information is only exploiting human psychology, implanting subconscious belief systems into the masses. Miller says, “This incredible technological sophistication enables them, first of all, to move people at the deepest level. It also enables them to suppress dissidents with remarkable efficiency, [for example], spotting the word ‘vaccine’ in a post and then blocking it.”

“At the same time, it gives them an astonishing advantage when it comes to surveillance of every single one of us,” he warned. He said it’s “going to require a tremendous amount of skill and sophistication on our part, to organize under that watchful eye.”

For more, visit Miller’s site.

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