From “conspiracy theory” to viable theory: Indy media was right again about covid’s lab origin

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Image: From “conspiracy theory” to viable theory: Indy media was right again about covid’s lab origin

(Natural News) After being “debunked” by the mainstream media as “misinformation,” the lab origin theory behind the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is suddenly being adopted by the establishment as conspiracy fact, much to the chagrin of Democrats.

You see, there is no room for the Chinese Virus to have come from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, because that is where Donald Trump first suggested that it may have originated – and we cannot have anyone “credible” agreeing with Trump, right?

Martin Armstrong of Armstrong Economics penned a lengthy piece about the hypocrisy of the corporate media in claiming the moral and factual high ground all this time, only to now switch its tune in favor of the narrative once promoted by Trump.

“You were labeled a right-wing nut-job for uttering the possible thought that this deadly pathogen might have leaked from the lab, and they would usually call you a racist-conspirator as well just to spice up the label,” Armstrong jokes about the politicization of the plandemic by the left.

“Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube all joined in with the government to promote the party-line communist-style and began canceling anyone who dared to question their government propaganda. This is the only time perhaps I would like to have been President for a week to send in the troops and charge the head of every one of these free-press organizations with treason.”

Who is really responsible for unleashing the Chinese Virus?

Retired New York Times science editor Nicholas Wade is credited with being the first to really get the ball rolling as far as the narrative shift. He published an article putting the mainstream media on blast for lying this past year.


The World Health Organization (WHO) is also complicit, having denied any possible link between the Chinese Virus and China. Thanks to this WHO declaration contradicting the obvious, the corporate media ran with the bat wet market narrative before eventually scrapping China from the equation entirely.

While China may not be directly responsible for unleashing the plandemic, it was certainly used as a pawn to perpetrate what is intended to come out of this whole thing: the great reset.

In Armstrong’s view, neither the U.S. government nor the Chinese government is likely responsible for creating the Wuhan Flu. Instead, he suspects that the World Economic Forum (WEF), led by eugenicist Klaus Schwab, is behind the whole thing.

“The [O]uija board point to the World Economic Forum for [which] Fauci even appears in their Great Reset promotion videos,” Armstrong writes.

“I maintain that China did NOT leak this virus intentionally NOR do I believe it was a careless leak. I believe those behind the Great Reset PAID an employee there to leak this virus. The investigation should look for a FORMER employee or one that came into wealth without explanation.”

Unfortunately, there may never be one consensus as to the origin of the Chinese Virus because of intense political conflict over the narrative. To even suggest that the virus may have come from a lab is still viewed by leftists as a “far-right conspiracy theory” perpetrated by “white supremacist Trump supporters.”

“Trump had to be painted as racist and a xenophobic nut case to dare blame the Chinese for possibly leaking the virus upon the world,” Armstrong says.

“Simply because Trump said that was a possibility, the LEFT, media, and Big Tech in tow had to stamp out anyone who dared to say such a thing and cancel them for they were not human in their books. They secretly yearned for the power of Stalin to just make people vanish into work camps to die by the millions.”

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