Chinese flu vs. American flu: Understanding the fake pandemic

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Image: Chinese flu vs. American flu: Understanding the fake pandemic

(Natural News) What if there was no such thing as Covid-19, and the US government simply told everyone that the flu is expected to spread more easily this year, so we are going to shut down all “non-essential” businesses, make everyone wear a mask at all times, and require experimental, unsafe vaccinations for anyone interested in traveling anywhere, ever again? Would you have believed it? Would you still believe it? Would you cooperate?

Guess what – Covid-19 is no worse than the flu, and you’ve all been duped. That is a scientific fact you’re going to have to deal with, and we’re about to explain the simple reasons for why it happened, how it happened, how it’s still happening, and why more than 150 million Americans bit down hard on the bait, hook-line-and-sinker.

“We don’t have the Covid inoculations to prevent the transmission of Covid, we got Covid so that people would GET inoculated” – Dr. Christiane Northrup

It was, is, and will always be about the vaccinations, but last year, it was about vaccinations AND a crooked election. To understand how 150 million Americans have already been hoodwinked and brainwashed into obedience by dirty vaccines and the removal of American freedoms, first we take a hard look at influenza statistics for the year before the “Covid” outbreak began.

For the year 2018 to 2019, flu activity greatly increased that November and remained at high levels through the following February. The “American Flu” can be any of about 12 to 15 varying strains, including that year’s initial predominant strain of Influenza A (H1N1pdm09). Flu cases in general were of moderate severity, with thousands of deaths attributed to pneumonia and “influenza-associated deaths” (note that term for later).


The beloved CDC documented more than 35 million cases of the flu that (fiscal) year, that starts with the beginning of the “flu season” in October (which conveniently for Big Pharma lasts through May). More than 16 million Americans checked in with a health care provider for their illness, and there were over half-a-million hospitalizations. Get ready for the death statistic. There were over 34,000 deaths from the flu. Now let that marinate in your brain for a minute.

Here comes the shocker. There were only 136 child deaths in the entire United States that were confirmed to be from influenza virus that year. Now we look at the China Flu, and we see why the panic, the threat, and the results are nearly IDENTICAL to the flu.

The CDC has turned every flu case into a “Covid” case, including all deaths

If you’ve been watching the amazing interviews the Health Ranger has conducted recently with top doctors and scientists, who learned all about vaccine research and virus research for decades (as linked in this article via Brighteon), you will gain a richer understanding of that which you thought you may have already understood.

First off, the death curve of Covid-19 is almost an exact replica of the death curve for the flu of recent years, which is auspiciously at zero right now. Zero. Coincidence? No, it’s not a coincidence.

This is exactly how they convinced everyone that Covid was spreading so fast and killing so many, besides counting suicides, auto wreck deaths, MRSA infections from superbugs in hospitals, and every single US flu death as a death from Covid. Get it? It was all scare mongering to get as many people vaccinated with these dirty vaccines that create prions and blood clots, and that are literally MORE dangerous than the virus. Much more dangerous.

In fact, we may have already reached the point where deaths from the Covid vaccine outnumber all deaths added up from all vaccines, ever since the early 1950s (Check VAERS).

Hyping the China flu into a “pandemic”

Then there are millions of faulty PCR tests that hyped up the “pandemic.” Understand that the PCR tests, as the Health Ranger explains, are only for the “spike protein” of Covid, which comes before the antibodies, and that shows positive for every FLU person. PCR tests are only a qualitative scan that tests for ‘greater than zero.’ So that doesn’t denote anything specific – that you have Covid, or had it, or are carrying it, or how much of it.

Bottom line, says the Health Ranger, is that it can’t be determined whether a person is currently “sick” from just conducting a PCR test. So how is the plandemic spread worldwide, you may be asking? How did so many governments fall for the scam of the century? Answer: The false-positive PCR test range has been exploited by nearly every lab in the world for a pandemic cover story that not only stole the US presidential election, but may be about to “steal” a couple hundred million American lives via prion-creating vaccines.

Is it ironic and suspicious that Trump cheers on the vaccine industry so hard and this vaccine specifically, when he did not do this before Covid? When Trump was running for President, he warned Americans about not having children get so many vaccines so close together, because it leads to autism and other nervous system/brain disorders. Remember? So, does Trump know what we know now? Also, the Covid vaccines may be targeting women, and specifically their reproductive systems.

Check out a couple of the amazing interviews that shed light on all of this:

Interview on Brighteon: Dr. Christiane Northrup gives new details on covid vaccine shedding / transmission, especially among women.

Interview on Brighteon: Dr. Lee Merritt and Mike Adams ask: Are covid spike proteins being RELEASED onto cities?

We all must ask now, “Why is the government lying to us about such simple things?” The denial of the effectiveness of natural remedies and natural cures is all about pushing the vaccine. Get it? Indigenous medicine blows away Western medicine, but nobody is allowed to talk about it in the USA, much less recommend it, or you lose your license to practice medicine. Think about it: Masks don’t work for Covid, and they would not have helped quell the spread of Small Pox either, or we would have used them to help dissipate and eradicate the disease.

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