UK says voters need ID to ensure election integrity – will Democrats call Brits racist?

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Image: UK says voters need ID to ensure election integrity – will Democrats call Brits racist?

(Natural News) In order to ensure free and fair elections, the government of Great Britain has proposed requiring all voters to show proper identification before being allowed to cast their ballots.

Known as the Election Integrity Bill, the legislation, which Democrats here in the United States claim is “racist,” will prohibit people from voting without first proving their identity.

“We think showing identification to vote is a reasonable approach to combat the inexcusable potential for voter fraud,” stated Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official spokesman.

“Everyone wants to maintain the integrity of our democracy and this would bring us in line with not only Northern Ireland but countries such as Canada, many European countries including France, the Netherlands, Sweden – all require a form of identification to vote.”

Having to show ID is “racist,” according to leftists, because black and brown people are too stupid to follow the rules. This is what we are being told here in the United States, anyway.

Leftists in the United Kingdom apparently feel similarly, warning that having to show ID will make it too hard for non-whites to vote – again, because they are too dumb, according to liberals.

Shadow Justice Secretary David Lammy whined on Twitter that having to show ID when casting a ballot is a form of “voter suppression.” He added that the law will end up “disenfranchising millions” who are simply too stupid to get an ID.

Lisa Nandy, the Labour Party’s shadow foreign secretary, agrees. She also blamed “Russian interference” for the proposal, just like leftists here in the U.S. do every time conservative legislators propose something that upsets them.


“We have got to defend our democracy robustly but I just think it’s really bizarre coming from this government that they have made it so much more difficult for people in this country to vote over recent years, but they have taken absolutely no action to defend our democracy from attacks overseas,” Nandy complained.

Minorities: Don’t let liberals tell you you’re too stupid to vote honestly

U.S. civil rights groups are also meddling in foreign affairs by speaking out against this proposal in the U.K.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Common Cause all say that requiring an ID in order to vote amounts to “Republican-style voter suppression” and will more than likely “erode faith in the democratic process.”

At present, British voters are not required to show any form of identification before voting in an election. In Northern Ireland, however, voters have had to show ID for nearly 40 years.

Voter ID requirements were first introduced in Northern Ireland back in the 1983 General Elections following concerns about widespread voter fraud throughout the British province. Since 2003, voters there have had to show photo identification.

A briefing paper from the House of Commons shows that there is “no evidence” that ID requirements have in any way “affected turnout.”

The Electoral Commission has been recommending since 2014 that the rest of the U.K. follow suit by requiring voters to show proper ID before participating in an election. They could do it the same way Northern Ireland does by allowing voters to obtain a photographic electoral ID card for free from their local council.

“Without proper identification any election can be won by the people in control,” wrote one commenter at The Epoch Times.

“Interesting that the two main Western culture countries don’t have mandatory voter ID like most third world countries have had for years,” wrote another.

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