Now it’s just getting stupid: Wokester student journalist at Northwestern claims the way whites occupy sidewalks is ‘racist’

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Image: Now it’s just getting stupid: Wokester student journalist at Northwestern claims the way whites occupy sidewalks is ‘racist’

(Natural News) Anyone with a modicum of common sense and just a little bit of life experience knew some time ago that appeasing left-wing Marxists was never going to end well because there is no appeasing left-wing Marxists.

No matter how much society gives in to these racist, intolerant gaslighters, it was never going to be enough.

That’s because they believe, truly, that America is so bad and systemically flawed that there is no ‘fixing’ it. So why bother trying to appease these idiots?

Case in point: The stupid has pegged the meter at Northwestern University, where a student journalist there actually says that the way white people walk on sidewalks is…racist.

You can’t make this up.

“When I first got to Northwestern, I wondered why walking around on campus could be so frustrating. Even when sidewalks were relatively empty, I would often have to walk way around people to pass without bumping into them,”  wrote Kenny Allen of The Daily Northwestern. “At first, I chalked it up to the geographic diversity of the school; maybe the people that came to this school were used to different ways of moving through a public place.”

But no.

After “talking to [his] Black friends about my experience,” he came to the conclusion that “people at this predominantly White school would not move out of our way on the sidewalk.”

He doesn’t say why white people should be moving out of his way on a sidewalk that was no doubt built for everyone to use.

The Campus Reform website adds:

Laying out the claims by University of Richmond sociologist Bedelia Richards for determining “whether one’s university is racist” — such as which groups feel most “at home,” whose “norms, values and perspectives” are legitimated, and “who inhabits positions of power” — Allen concluded that “white people” meet most of the criteria. 


Allen then asserted that “the formal rules of Jim Crow were accompanied by a set of informal ones that governed the way Black people approached White people in public space and vice versa. “This social order “required Black people to yield to White people whenever possible” — such as “stepping off the sidewalk when a White person was walking past.” 

“White people came to expect the right of way in public spaces,” he wrote. “White people who were accustomed to moving through the world like that — intentionally or not — taught their kids to move through the world in the same way. And the racism that undergirded Jim Crow wasn’t eliminated just because the laws were no longer overtly racist.”

Concluding this insanity, Allen wrote that “many White people walk around campus having unknowingly absorbed this particular facet of White supremacy, and the leaders of the institution do little to make us believe that White supremacy is something worth challenging in the first place.”

Never once does he offer evidence or proof that white people ‘demanded’ sidewalk space, or ‘required’ black people and other minorities to get out of their way. Not one specific incident was cited.

But even if he tried to cite an incident, no doubt he would not have included any context because propagandized Marxists weren’t brainwashed to think in logical terms. They are taught to see what isn’t there; to believe what isn’t true; to claim as facts intangible, conceptual visions of what they perceive life to be like.

And then all of those things automatically become true — to them. And if you disagree, you’re the racist.

This is why appeasing these people is pointless, like it was pointless for British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain to try and appease Adolph Hitler. In the end, Hitler attacked him anyway because his vision of the way the world ought to be was never going to change.

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