BLM now trying to shake down nation for cash, demanding “direct cash payments” from government or cities will burn

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Image: BLM now trying to shake down nation for cash, demanding “direct cash payments” from government or cities will burn

(Natural News) In the aftermath of Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict over the death of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists have been busy threatening governments all across the country to pay them cash “reparations” as restitution.

In BLM’s view, it is only appropriate for all black people to get free money from American taxpayers because a doped-up Floyd suffocated himself to death from all the fentanyl he took prior to be arrested for attempting to use counterfeit money at a Minneapolis convenience store.

It is somehow white people’s fault that Floyd effectively killed himself, and that means governments now have a duty to hand out “direct cash payments” to BLM in order to make things right.

According to the terrorist group, “organizers and family members of victims of police violence are careful not to label his conviction as anything more than a step in the direction toward justice.” In other words, now it is all about the money.

BLM’s Minnesota chapter says full-scale reparations is the only way to atone for Floyd’s self-induced drug overdose, which to them is evidence that America is engaged in generational institutionalized racism.

“It’s about direct cash payments,” said Trahern Crews, a spokesperson for BLM Minnesota. “Reparations is cause for a cessation, which means stop killing them, or stop harming them. That’s not stopping, so we don’t get a chance to heal.”

Everyone already has equal opportunity; BLM is demanding equal outcomes

Even though Chauvin was punished for Floyd’s self-caused death, BLM says the only way for its members to heal is by getting really rich, really fast.


“There’s going to be change in the future, and we still have a lot of reparations to make from the past so cases need to be re-opened and we need to re-examine them,” says Floyd’s white girlfriend, Courteney Ross.

Floyd’s brother, Philonise, feels the same. He wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post that suggests Chauvin’s guilty verdict may not be enough to quell the pain and suffering of the rest of black America, which is seeking to expand their bank accounts.

“This is what justice feels like: gut-wrenching relief, exhaustion. It’s not sweet or satisfying. It’s necessary, important, maybe even historic,” Floyd’s brother wrote.

“But only with the passage of time will we know if the guilty verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin is the start of something that will truly change America and the experience of Black Americans.”

One city in Illinois already proposed issuing $25,000 “reparations” payments to area blacks, which scoffed at the amount for being too low for their liking.

Evanston, which is located to the north of Chicago, already began the first phase of the program, which involves reallocating some of the tax dollars collected from legal cannabis sales towards the enrichment of black people.

BLM’s true colors are more apparent than ever before. This was never about George Floyd or any other black thug who did something stupid and paid a price. It is about siphoning more “free” money from the system and giving it to people with dark skin under the guise of “social justice.”

“Less than five percent of the black people living in our country today can trace their ancestry to a slave,” suggested one commenter at Citizen Free Press.

“If anyone should pay reparations, it’s the Democrats. After all, they championed slavery, they assassinated Lincoln, they created Jim Crow laws, segregation laws, the KKK, the lynching laws; they championed euthanasia, they prevented blacks from benefiting from the work projects of the New Deal, they created the Japanese Concentration Camps here during WWII, they fought viciously to prevent the passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments; likewise they fought against the Civil Rights Act of ’64, ’65, and ’67. They created the welfare system that still enslaves blacks to this day!”

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