High school “homecoming queen” to be criminally charged for rigging vote, but Democrats get away scot-free for stealing the entire national election

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Image: High school “homecoming queen” to be criminally charged for rigging vote, but Democrats get away scot-free for stealing the entire national election

(Natural News) The tenure of Donald Trump as our president has brought out the absolute worst in our country — among a segment of our population, sure, but also our government.

The hatred of him — the consummate outsider who ‘didn’t belong’ in Washington, D.C., must less the White House — was such that the deep state operatives we always suspected were burrowed into our institutions worked overtime, day and night, to prevent him from ever being elected and then, once he was, to undermine him and eventually get rid of him.

And they finally did: Anyone with a granular-sized collection of brain cells knows beyond any doubt that Trump won the 2020 election, but it was literally stolen from him by operatives within the D.C. political establishment, in conjunction with Big Tech. There is no way Joe Biden, who couldn’t draw flies to a BS contest and Kamala Harris, so unpopular she was among the first to drop out of the Democratic primaries, garnered 80-plus million votes.

No way. They barely even campaigned.

In fact, thanks to due diligence from Peter Navarro, Trump’s former top trade adviser, a series of reports he and a team of researchers published proves beyond any doubt elections in key battleground states were rigged.

But no one will be charged, much less convicted. For that matter, one federal court after another after another refused to even look at the evidence the Trump campaign laid out, or hear the testimony of witnesses who swore out affidavits under penalty of perjury that they witnessed acts of voter fraud. The U.S. Supreme Court wouldn’t even hear a case brought by scores of states against a handful of others that unconstitutionally changed their voting laws ahead of the 2020 election.



But a high school homecoming queen who allegedly rigged votes to steal her victory? That’s a top priority for law enforcers. In fact, so much so, they have decided to charge her as an adult (while letting real criminals out of jail, free of bond, or never charged at all).

The New York Post reports:

A Florida teen bent on winning the homecoming crown didn’t waste time with silly speeches and pep rallies — instead conspiring with her vice principal mom to rig the whole thing through old-fashioned hacking, authorities said.

Laura Rose Carroll, 50, and Emily Rose Grover, 17 — who have both been arrested for the election fraud — cast nearly 250 bogus votes for the teen by breaching online student accounts and pulling the virtual levers, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

That was then; Emily has since turned 18 so now law enforcers are going to charge her as an adult, The Post reported in a separate story.

And what’s more, these two could serve some real time — substantial time — if they are convicted.

“Charges against the mom and daughter included unlawful use of a two-way communications device and criminal use of personally identifiable information. Carroll is free on a $6,000 bond and Grover is free on a $2,000 bond. Each faces a maximum of 16 years on the charges,” The Post reported.

Sixteen years — for changing high school prom queen votes.

Has our country gone mad? In what time, on what planet, do a couple of idiot cheaters trying to rig a high school election get more time behind bars than Antifa rioters who besiege a federal courthouse and try to burn it down with federal agents inside? Or destroying an entire Target or Nike store during a looting spree?

Or rigging national presidential election while simultaneously tanking what trust in our institutions and systems we had left?

Our country won’t survive this kind of nonsensical behavior. Superpowers die when their culture rots away, like ours is.

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