Biden regime said to be “actively considering” legislation to go after Trump-supporting conservatives suddenly designated “domestic terrorists”

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Image: Biden regime said to be “actively considering” legislation to go after Trump-supporting conservatives suddenly designated “domestic terrorists”

(Natural News) If you had any doubt that Joe Biden’s handlers were going to use the full force of the federal government to punish as many of President Donald Trump’s supporters as possible after taking office, put those doubts to rest.

Because of course Biden’s regime is going to do that. In fact, it already is.

Scores of people arrested following the Jan. 6 riot — and that’s what it was, not an “insurrection” — remain locked up, bail denied, in one of the most brutal, awful, grotesque jails in the country — the D.C. lockup.

What’s more, the lunatics at the Department of Injustice under Biden are trying to accuse them of being ‘domestic terrorists’ because their riot took place at the U.S. Capitol Building — not, say, some federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon, that was, say, under siege for weeks on end last summer by Antifa and Black Lives Matter anarchists, most of whom never spent a nanosecond behind bars, much less have ever been charged with a crime.

Now, the Injustice Department wants to make its complete politicization official: The department, along with Biden’s Democrat authoritarians, want a new “domestic terrorism” law they can shape and mold to mean whatever they want it to mean.

Zero Hedge writes:

On Wednesday night, President Joe Biden told a Congress that “white supremacy is terrorism,” after claiming that US intelligence considers it “the most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland today.”

Hours earlier, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) set the stage for the new narrative by telling MSNBC’s Nicol Wallace that, “The predominant part of that domestic threat ” is white nationalists, adding “We can’t ignore that because of a political sensitivity that some of the folks are part of the Trump base.”


Less than 24 hours later, Bloomberg is reporting that the Biden DOJ is “actively considering” whether to seek a new law which would allow prosecutors to bring specific charges for domestic terrorists who plot and/or carry out attacks, according to a senior department official.

“One of the things we’re looking at is would we need new authorities,” deputy assistant attorney general for the department’s national security division, Brad Wiegmann, told a House hearing last week.

Why? What would they be used for? And why can’t existing authorities be utilized to go after legitimate terrorists?

Because current statutes don’t include arbitrarily designating a political enemy a “domestic terrorist” for the purposes of arresting said political enemy and putting that political enemy behind bars (or worse) for the rest of their natural-born lives.

“The FBI has warned that domestic violent extremists pose a heightened threat for carrying out attacks in the U.S. in the near future, with white supremacists being the most lethal threat,” Bloomberg reported. “Currently, no U.S. law lets the government designate domestic extremists as terrorists or bring specific charges for domestic terrorism. That contrasts with laws to combat international terrorism, which allow the government to designate groups and bring charges for providing those groups with material support.”

Got that? Bloomberg’s reporting makes it crystal clear that the “new authorities” being sought by the ‘national security division’ of Biden’s DoJ would specifically allow the department to arbitrarily designate groups of Americans (conservatives; Trump supporters; all Republicans) as ‘domestic terrorists’ or ‘white supremacist extremists’ for the purposes of putting them in jail longer, since ‘terrorism’ sentences are traditionally longer and more harsh.

“The question we’re really wrestling with is, are there gaps,” Weigman told the subcommittee. “Is there some type of conduct that we can envision that we can’t cover or would it be an otherwise benefit in having something else other than what we’re having now?”

He was given an assist by Rep. Matt Cartwright of Pennsylvania, who claimed (falsely), “Right-wing extremist attacks and plots have greatly outnumbered those from all other groups combined and caused more deaths as well,” adding “This is a cancer on our country.”

These are terrible human beings, these Democrats, and they’re trying to take over America while they have the chance before the midterms.

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