Derek Chauvin was going to go away for the rest of his life one way or another: DOJ had secret plan to arrest him if he walked

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Image: Derek Chauvin was going to go away for the rest of his life one way or another: DOJ had secret plan to arrest him if he walked

(Natural News) While it is clear that George Floyd ‘died at the hands of police’ in May 2020, what is far less clear to Americans with closed minds is how Floyd came to be in contact with police that fateful day in the first place.

The man wasn’t exactly an angel. He’d been in trouble with the law before — serious trouble.

He was also, apparently, a drug user, as postmortem exams by forensic experts discovered. And on that day in particular, he was being accused of trying to pass fake money.

He wasn’t cooperative with then-Officer Derek Chauvin or the other three officers. He was skittish, paranoid, would not follow instructions. Police are trained to suspect and expect the worst from suspects because they know that bad things happen to them when they let their guard down.

All of that said, was Derek Chauvin a killer? Did he “murder” George Floyd? Did he even commit manslaughter (after all, Chauvin would not have ever come in contact with Floyd that day, most likely, had he not been called to respond to a Minneapolis citizen who called in the complaint).

We will never know; the jury hearing his case convicted him on all three counts: Second- and Third-Degree murder along with Second-Degree manslaughter. When he is sentenced later this spring or early summer, he will most likely have to spend the rest of his life behind bars (he’s in his mid-40s), pending an appeal.

And here’s the thing. If the Minneapolis jury had not convicted Chauvin on all three counts, the Feds were ready to move in to make sure Chauvin never breathed another breath of free air in his life.


It seems the ‘Justice’ Department had a secret plan to swoop in before Chauvin ever left the courtroom and bust him on a bevy of other charges.

The UK Daily Mail reports:

Secret Department of Justice plans to arrest Derek Chauvin in court had he been cleared of murdering George Floyd have been revealed. 

Multiple sources told the Star Tribune federal prosecutors were ready to move in and charge the white ex-cop on federal counts moments after a not guilty verdict on charges of second and third-degree murder, as well as manslaughter, or in the event of a mistrial.  

Department of Justice prosecutors now also plan to bring civil rights violations charges – akin to hate crimes – of police brutality against Chauvin and the three other cops on duty with him when Floyd was killed in May 2020.  

Got that? It’s not enough that Chauvin is likely going to die in prison; the ‘Justice’ Department under Joe Biden wants to ensure that he does with trumped up ‘hate crime’ charges as though Chauvin is also a massive racist as well (there was never any evidence of that and no such allegations were made against him during his trial — because there is no way to prove it one way or the other unless the DoJ has a mindreader on staff).

According to the Star Tribune, Justice Department investigators colluded with counterparts at the Minnesota U.S. Attorneys Officer to make arrangements to charge Chauvin using a backdoor criminal complaint process that does not require a grand jury to issue charges. That would have allowed dishonest DoJ authorities to speed the process of bringing brand-new charges against him.

And why? Why was the DoJ going to such lengths to deny this American citizen his due process rights?

Because, according to the Daily Mail, the cowardly Feds were afraid that anything less than full guilty verdicts on the worst of charges would have prompted new rioting.

In other words, mob justice prevailed here, not plain ol’ justice. Fear of new rioting from thugs, anarchists and criminals will now drive our prosecutions in so-called ‘sensitive’ cases.

If you weren’t quite sure yet whether we’ve lost our country’s institutions, this case should clear that up for you.

Of course, we have.

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