Health Ranger talks with Dr. Cordie Williams, the “Megaphone Marine,” about teaching Americans the principles of liberty

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Image: Health Ranger talks with Dr. Cordie Williams, the “Megaphone Marine,” about teaching Americans the principles of liberty

(Natural News) Our country is under siege, and Dr. Cordie Williams, the “Megaphone Marine,” has created a new resource for American patriots to keep up with what he calls “continuing patriot education.”

Dr. Williams spoke with the Health Ranger during a recent broadcast of the Health Ranger Report – watch below – about the new “1776 Forever Free” platform, which is described as:

“… a community-based organization that supports the Constitutional Rights of all Americans. Regardless of political party, gender, race, religion, or creed, if you believe in the statements below then we welcome you to join our American movement.”

These statements include affirmations in support of free markets, economic freedom for all Americans, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, environmental protection, and loyalty to both the Constitution and to the Republic.

Dr. Williams, a chiropractor, never expected to be leading a charge like this, nor did he ever expect to become an activist. But the rise of medical fascism due to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), along with extremist movements like Antifa, caused him to rise to the occasion.

Living in California, Dr. Williams has seen his fair share of government tyranny. This is why he and his wife decided to get involved, and now he runs both 1776 Forever Free along with a YouTube channel.

“It’s just funny the different levels of control, whether it be the facial condoms (masks) to what they’re trying to do monetarily, you just see the control and the suppression and it’s like Slumdog Millionaire,” Dr. Williams says about all the Chinese virus restrictions being imposed on Americans.


More American patriots need to learn how to run for office

Recognizing that something desperately needs to be done to stop it all, Dr. Williams came up with 1776 Forever Free as a tool for patriots to stay informed, learn more about how to become activists, and ultimately defend their country against enemies both foreign and domestic.

In Dr. Williams’ view, conservatives do not come up with solutions to these problems as much as they should. Many of them are aware of what is going on, but few are willing to take action, or perhaps they feel powerless to do so.

“I think we educate a lot, but what are we doing to move the needle?” Dr. Williams asks.

“What we’ve started doing is we’re teaching the Constitution … and we’re going to teach people how to run for office. We’re going to have another monthly kind of TED Talk format for talking about what’s going on with tyranny and Sleepy Joe (fake president Joe Biden).”

Dr. Williams is most excited about the database he soon plans to launch where blue-collar folks will be able to learn from start to finish how to run for office, all with the click of a button.

“If there’s an application, they can get it right at this site,” Dr. Williams says about the tool. “If there’s something they’ve got to pay … everything from getting a platform to knowing how to mobilize a constituency … and our Super PAC is going to change the fight at the local level.”

In order to beat the system at its own game, everyday patriots need to learn the ropes of how it all works. This is Dr. Williams’ goal and mission with 1776 Forever Free – be sure to check it out at this link.

It is important to also remember that breaking free from the false left-right paradigm is critical for rallying people together rather than further dividing us. Many “old school” Democrats, for instance, do not agree with what the new-breed Democrats are doing, and it is important to bring them on board as well.

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