Biden ratioed for feckless responses to bold Russian moves to build up forces along the border with Ukraine

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Image: Biden ratioed for feckless responses to bold Russian moves to build up forces along the border with Ukraine

(Natural News) We had no doubt that Joe Biden was exactly the wrong person at the wrong time in world history to become president, and our worst fears are about to be realized.

When Americans have elections, the world watches. That’s just true; everyone wants to know who is going to lead the most powerful nation on the planet, and that is especially true of our enemies.

No one watched with more interest — and then bemusement after it was announced the Biden’s handlers managed to steal the election from Donald Trump — than our enemies.

China was elated. Iran was elated. North Korea was elated. Russia was elated. Because all of them saw what rational, thinking Americans saw: Biden is mentally and physically incapable of being president, and as such, our enemies were going to test him early and often to see what his responses would be and, importantly, whether they could get away with pushing us and various other countries around.

The Iranians have let us know: They blew off Biden’s offer of rapprochement to the ‘nuclear deal’ made during the Obama regime.

The Chinese disrespected our top diplomat, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, on our own soil when they met in Alaska.

And now Russian President Vladimir Putin is “testing” Biden.

ABC News reports:

Speaking at a meeting with the top military brass, Shoigu said the ongoing exercise was a response to what he claimed were continuous efforts by the United States and its NATO allies to beef up their forces near Russia’s borders.

In the past three weeks, the Russian military has deployed two armies and three airborne formations to western regions “as a response to the alliance’s military activities threatening Russia,” the defense minister said.

“The troops have shown their full readiness to fulfill tasks to ensure the country’s security,” he said.


What did Biden do? He “called on” Russian President Vladimir Putin to ‘stop it.’ Essentially.

No doubt that left Putin quaking in his boots. Putin has seen Biden in recent months forget names, forget where he is, be unable to read a teleprompter, forget key numbers and stats, sound like he’s in the throes of early dementia, and fall on the steeps leading up to Air Force One.

And Putin isn’t concerned about what Biden might do. At all. (Related: Russia deploying real-deal “doomsday” weapon that can flood U.S. coastal cities with nuclear tsunamis.)

No one knows this as well as former President Donald Trump and his diplomatic and security team. In an interview with Fox News’ Mark Levin that aired Sunday, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe agreed that our nemesis, Russia, is putting Biden to the test to see how he’ll respond, which will then dictate Putin’s next move.

(Courtesy: Fox News)

“Here’s my concern. Joe Biden is a guy who — his very close friend Robert Gates, who served as the secretary of defense with him in the Obama administration — said Joe Biden was wrong on every national security and foreign policy decision in the last forty years,” he said.

“It’s one thing to be wrong when you’re a United States senator or the vice president, but he’s the president of the United States, and he’s very early on reflecting that he’s still making those wrong decisions when it comes to our national security and foreign policy, and foreign leaders see that and they’re taking advantage of it,” Ratcliffe added.

He went on to address Russia specifically.

“[Russian President Vladimir] Putin is an ex-KGB thug, but he’s engaging in the same kind of activity that he did in the Obama-Biden administration when he stole Crimea and crossed over Obama’s red line,” Ratcliffe told Levin.

“And now, four years later, he’s testing whether or not the president, the new president of the United States that he sees on TV and has made some conclusions about, whether or not he thinks he’s a strong leader or not. But he’s going to test — he’s testing him right now, and all of these world leaders are.”

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