Should Australia open its borders, politician wants returning travelers to wear ankle bracelets for home quarantine

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Image: Should Australia open its borders, politician wants returning travelers to wear ankle bracelets for home quarantine

(Natural News) Stuart Robert, Australia’s Minister for Employment, Workforce, Skills, Small and Family Business, has proposed shackling returning travelers with ankle bracelets – assuming the country opens its borders this year – to help limit the spread the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) to others.

Speaking to journalist David Speers during a recent interview, Robert explained that even if traveling Australians are fully injected with “vaccines” for the Chinese virus, they should still be forced to stay at home in quarantine for a few days because this is the only way to keep everyone “safe” against the novel virus.

According to Robert, Australia already has the infrastructure needed to enforce mandatory stay-at-home quarantines. All that needs to happen next is that returning travelers be marked and tracked like cattle to keep tabs on them at all times.

“All of that will need to be worked through before a policy prescription goes live,” Robert told Speers when asked how the proposal would work logistically.

Upon returning home from foreign travel, vaccinated Australians would be given an ankle bracelet to self-quarantine at home rather than be forced to stay at a hotel quarantine as is currently the case in Canada.

Canada, by the way, is the location where some believe the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) may have initially been stolen by Chinese spies and brought back to the communist homeland. Others say it originated at a biosafety level-four laboratory in Wuhan.

“The police would turn up at random times to your house, they would call,” Robert told Speers. “The Department of Health from various jurisdictions would call.”


The Chinese virus is infecting the world with communism

In Australia, the borders are currently closed to outside travelers, and residents are also not allowed to leave the country. With that possibly soon to change, the country’s politicians are drumming up ideas about how to track and trace Australians like livestock.

“Home quarantines will remain mandatory on return even for those who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19,” reports indicate.

This would not be the first time that ankle bracelets have been proposed as a way to keep track of returning travelers. Back in January, conservative member of the British parliament Jeremy Hunt called on the government to tag people with GPS tracking devices to ensure that they remain in compliance with government edicts.

“Daily contact with those asked to self-isolate – using GPS tracking to monitor compliance, if necessary, as happens in Taiwan and Poland,” Hunt stated at the time.

To be clear, Australia is pretty much back to normal for the people who live there and do not travel outside the country. Reports indicate that Australians are currently living a “nearly coronavirus-free lifestyle” and want to keep it that way.

This is in stark contrast to United States living, which is still heavily masked, and in some areas restricted or closed. In many areas of the country, Americans are not allowed to do much of anything unless they are masked.

In Australia, meanwhile, everyday life is basically normal like it was before the plandemic was declared back in early 2020. The only exception is that residents are unable to travel internationally except to New Zealand, and foreigners are currently not allowed to travel to Australia.

“Australia is in no hurry to open those borders, I assure you,” stated Prime Minister Scott Morrison. “I will not be putting at risk the way we are living in this country which is so different to the rest of the world today.”

Morrison says vaccinated Australians could be able to travel overseas “for essential purposes” and return via home quarantine possibly by mid-2021, but such a possibility is only in the “planning stages.”

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