Conform or DIE: Governments refuse to rescue innocent, unvaccinated people from volcano-stricken island

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Image: Conform or DIE: Governments refuse to rescue innocent, unvaccinated people from volcano-stricken island

(Natural News) A volcano has erupted on the small Caribbean island of St. Vincent and is expected to continue erupting for weeks and months to come. The National Emergency Management Organization warns that the volcanic activity presents a “substantial prospect of disaster.” The volcano hasn’t erupted since 1979. The Prime Minister of the island, Ralph Gonsalves, has ordered at least 20,000 island residents to evacuate from La Soufriere and all areas near the volcano. Thousands of people have no choice but to flee their homes as the volcanic activity worsens. Many refugees are heading to temporary shelters on the island, but not everyone will be rescued from the island

Government officials from surrounding islands are refusing to take “filthy undesirable” refugees unless they can prove they were previously inoculated with the full series of experimental Covid-19 vaccines. The Prime Minister is warning the island refugees that they will not be allowed to board the rescue boats if they are unvaccinated. The total destruction of human dignity is now on full display, as government authorities conspire against the people in their most desperate time of need. The unvaccinated are being given a DEATH SENTENCE by democidal government authorities.

Only the “fully vaccinated” will be rescued by the government

Only the vaccinated will be allowed to board the government’s rescue ships. Only the vaccinated will be officially allowed to enter the neighboring islands. The unvaccinated are being LEFT TO DIE on an island that is being overrun by lava and volcanic ash! Many refugees are seeking shelters on the island and will be vulnerable to the government’s demands. This is a dark time in the history of the world, as democidal government authorities intentionally conspire against innocent people, forcing them to die in waves of volcanic ash — all because they won’t give their bodies over to medical experiments and vaccine industry coercion.


Gonsalves reiterated the government’s democidal position in an interview on NBC Radio. Approximately 10,805 residents of the island have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Because many of these people are not in full compliance with the current series of Covid-19 vaccines, they too will be barred from rescue. Only the “fully vaccinated” will be ferried off the island.

Vaccine makers are currently developing booster shots for coronaviruses; the current two dose series will not be enough, as authorities continue to move the goalposts. Soon, the vaccine-compliant will be required to get seasonal mRNA vaccine updates in order to be considered “fully vaccinated” and accepted by society. This form of human slavery and mind control knows no boundaries, as populations are trained to perpetually submit to vaccine companies and beg tyrannical governments for their freedom.

American cruise ships have been deployed

As the governments of the Caribbean islands conspire against the unvaccinated, American cruise lines are allegedly sending ships to the island to rescue anyone they can, without inflicting human rights abuses, medical discrimination, and segregation that is quickly morphing into genocide. Carnival Legend and Carnival Paradise have been deployed to St. Vincent to rescue anyone, including all the unvaccinated people who have been wrongfully discriminated against. The Royal Caribbean deployed their Serenade of the Seas and Celebrity Cruises sent out their Celebrity Reflection to help out as well. There are conflicting reports at the moment, and some say that the unvaccinated aren’t being allowed on the cruise ships either.

This current atrocity offers a glimpse to a genocidal medical apartheid, where innocent people are singled out, ostracized, and left to die if they do not obey authorities. This same dark precedent of segregation could also be used to deny the unvaccinated equal and adequate healthcare in a life-or-death situation. A two-tiered system of surveillance and discrimination is slowly being created to deny innocent people their basic human rights and dignity, while physically enslaving and mentally abusing those who do comply.

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