Poll: Most voters prefer to live in places where guns are legal … including Democrats

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Image: Poll: Most voters prefer to live in places where guns are legal … including Democrats

(Natural News) There may a vocal contingent calling for tighter gun control on social media and in the mainstream media, but it’s not a reflection of the way most American voters think. In fact, a new survey shows that most voters would prefer to live in a place where guns are legal – including nearly half of the Democratic voters questioned.

In a Just the News Daily Poll with Scott Rasmussen, 63 percent of voters stated that they would rather “live where individuals are allowed to own guns.” Twelve percent said they were unsure where they stood on the matter, while only 26 percent said they wanted to live “where guns are outlawed.”

The poll was carried out in the end of March by Rasmussen and involved 1,200 registered voters.

It should come as no surprise that so many Americans want to exercise the freedoms afforded by the Constitution, but one aspect of this poll that was particularly interesting was the party alignment breakdown. Nearly half of all the Democratic respondents in the poll (45 percent) said they would rather live in gun-friendly areas despite the party’s strong tendency toward tightening gun control. Meanwhile, 83 percent of Republican voters said they would prefer to live in gun-friendly areas.

Another national survey from Rasmussen Reports carried out last month found that 64 percent of likely American voters believe it is impossible to fully prevent mass shootings like the ones recently seen in Atlanta and Boulder. Gun control advocates often exploit these tragedies to help push their ideals forward, ignoring the fact that access to weapons is not the driving force behind such incidents.


A different poll, this one carried out by Gallup last fall, found that 74 percent of respondents answered no when asked if there should be a law banning the possession of handguns, except for police and other authorized individuals.

Despite gun ownership being established as a broad constitutional right by the U.S. Supreme Court, some states have placed restrictions on gun ownership. This has led to big differences in gun ownership rates throughout the nation, with a huge number of guns registered in Texas and merely a fraction of that number in places like President Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Are stronger gun control measures in the pipeline?

President Biden is using the recent mass shooting at a Colorado grocery store to try to push through gun control measures, particularly House-passed gun reforms that include a ban on ‘assault weapons’ and instituting universal background checks for guns bought at gun shows and online while extending the review period for a background check from three days to ten. Although he may be eager to discuss the matter, Biden does not appear to have the votes needed in the Senate to pass gun control laws.

Biden’s team has reportedly been meeting with gun control advocates in the last two months to discuss possible executive actions and other ways to move forward with gun control. A senior adviser to Biden, Cedric Richmond, told MSNBC: “This President has a track record of fighting against the NRA and beating them, and we need to make sure that we have sensible gun regulations in this country to ensure safety. And so we need action, not just words and prayers.”

Some of the options that gun control advocates have identified for executive actions include directing the ATF to expand its definition of “firearm” to include frames and receivers that are intended to be converted into firearms and issuing federal guidance on home storage safety to gun owners. Press Secretary Jen Psaki has confirmed Biden is considering a range of executive actions, but no timeline has been announced.

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