ABC News endorses Satanism, says twerking with the devil is “beautiful and inspiring”

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Image: ABC News endorses Satanism, says twerking with the devil is “beautiful and inspiring”

(Natural News) Ashan Singh of ABC News‘ “Nightline” program is really excited about homosexual rapper Lil Nas X’s new Nike-bootlegged “Satan Shoes” and corresponding music video that praises the devil.

According to Singh, it was a “beautiful and inspiring” experience for him to watch Lil Nas X “slide down from heaven to hell on a pole and twerk on Satan” in the video. In fact, everyone in the world found this scene beautiful and inspiring save for “conservative Christians” who were offended by it, Singh says.

What used to be a respected newscast hosted by Ted Koppel has become a Satan-worshiping shrine to the Cult of LGBTQ, of which Lil Nas X is now a revered priest. And Singh apparently wants the world to know that he, too, is now a member of the cult.

“Lil Nas X taking the old town road to hell,” jibed “Nightline” co-host Juju Chang, also celebrating the display. “Going viral again and igniting controversy. How the ‘Call Me By Your Name’ singer is confronting homophobia and selling out a special edition of Satan shoes.”

Singh went on to explain during the segment how inspired he was by “these words and images where Lil Nas X, who is openly gay, is seduced in the garden of Eden and then slides down from heaven to hell on a pole and twerks on Satan – that has people glued to their scenes.”

Singh and Chang continued to sing the praises of Lil Nas X, Satan, and hell before getting all dark and broody when broaching the subject of “the conservative Christian community,” which does not approve of the Satanic imagery.


According to Singh, this religious group is “up in arms” over Lil Nas X’s Satan shoes and music. He later described it as an “uproar” from conservative Christians whom he says are unfairly prejudiced against things like the drop of blood used in Satan shoes, its 666 branding, and other intentionally sacrilegious features.

One of Trump’s pastors urges boycott against supporters of Lil Nas X, Satan

Even so, Singh and Chang were somehow able to get past their horror of what the conservative Christian community thinks about all this and continue in their own personal revelry of the situation.

“I think it’s a really beautiful video, and it feels like we’re being asked to witness and appreciate a sexuality that has not been passed around Twitter and shown to everyone in this way before and that it feels to me like a brilliant maneuver to make something beautiful and inspiring,” Singh told podcaster Sarah Marshall.

On the flip side of all the Satan shoes talk is South Carolina Pastor Mark Burns, whom is said to be one of Donald Trump’s personal ministers. In Burns’ view, what Lil Nas X is doing and promoting is “what we consider one of the most damaging images in our culture.”

“If that’s his belief system,” Burns added during an interview about Lil Nas X’s satanic beliefs, “he has a right to worship whoever he wants to worship, but we have a right to not buy his product.”

Burns has suggested boycotting the various corporations that support and back Lil Nas X and his agenda. Two of these include Febreze and Volkswagen, both of which paid for the “Nightline” segment in which Singh and Chang sang his praises.

As some may recall from the Barack Obama years, “Nightline” was going down the tubes even then. Instead of reporting on important details concerning “Obamacare,” Nightline in 2013 instead focused much of its time reporting on “bootleg butt injections.”

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