Same Democrats pushing “vaccine passports” for everyday life say showing identification is unnecessary for voting

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Image: Same Democrats pushing “vaccine passports” for everyday life say showing identification is unnecessary for voting

(Natural News) The left just cannot get enough of all the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) tyranny, including the new “vaccine passports” that have been unveiled in New York. Why, then, are Democrats opposed to having to show identification when voting?

In order to keep people “safe” from the Chinese virus, they claim that everyone must wear a mask, get “vaccinated,” and carry around identification papers or a smartphone app to prove that they are not infected. When it comes to voting, though, Democrats are fine with just taking people’s word for it.

The hypocrisy is striking. It shows that the left is not actually concerned with safety, honesty, decency or any of the other virtuous concepts they love to throw around as their own. There is no consistency with anything they say or do.

On the one hand, nobody can be trusted to go about their business without showing evidence that they either tested “negative” or were jabbed for Chinese germs. At the same time, expecting people to show a photo ID before casting a vote is simply too much to ask, they say.

The Democrat-majority House of Representatives recently voted on a bill to eliminate all state voter ID laws that require voters to authenticate their identity before pulling the lever. The claim is that having to show proper ID is a “barrier” or “obstacle” to voting.

The same can be said of vaccine passports, which represent a barrier to traveling, going to sporting events, or maintaining employment. And yet this is okay because the scary Chinese virus might get us all if not everyone agrees to get swabbed and jabbed.


It’s about control, not “safety” or “fairness”

What it all boils down to is this: Democrats could not care less about ensuring free and fair elections. In fact, they do not want them because without fraud, Democrats would never “win” a single one.

It is also laughable for them to suggest that some people have trouble voting because they do not have an ID card or license. In order to open a bank account or perform other basic societal functions, one needs an ID card – and nearly everyone has one.

If someone does not have an ID card or license, they can easily obtain one in order to vote, if they so choose. To pretend as though people without IDs are being “disenfranchised” because voting requires one is a new low even for Democrats, not to mention an insult to the people to whom they are pandering.

It is as if Democrat voters are incapable of doing anything in life without aid from the government. This is the rhetoric that is constantly being spewed by leftists as they continue to victimize their base.

Certainly there must be some Democrats out there who recognize that requiring an ID in order to vote is an important part of ensuring that election fraud is avoided. How else are we supposed to verify a person’s identity to ensure that only legitimate voters are casting ballots?

“States control whether you need voter ID or not; it’s not the feds,” wrote one of our own commenters, adding that the blatant theft of the 2020 election just goes to show that Democrats are all about maintaining power, not doing what is right for the people they claim to serve.

“With government, less is certainly more,” wrote another. “This is a power grab of states’ rights. Do expect more of this until something is done to change it, if that ever actually happens.”

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