New York Times begins to doxx Derek Chauvin jurors as murder case falls apart

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Image: New York Times begins to doxx Derek Chauvin jurors as murder case falls apart

(Natural News) With the murder case against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin falling apart, the fake news media may be resorting to jury intimidation to get the scalp they need to provide fuel for the far-left Black Lives Matter revolution.

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The New York Times is publishing personal information about the jurors in the Chauvin case. Chauvin faces second-degree murder charges for the death of serial felon George Floyd, who had a tremendous amount of fentanyl in his system as he died in police custody.

“A white intensive care nurse who said if she saw someone on the street who needed help, she would feel obligated to step in. A Black grandmother who said she had no personal experience with the police or the criminal justice system,” the Times article began.

It continued: “A white widow who rides a motorcycle in her spare time and said she believes that “all lives matter.” A Black man who works in banking and said he was eager to serve on the jury of “the most historic case of my lifetime.”‘

“These are some of the jurors appointed to weigh the evidence in the case of Derek Chauvin, the white former police officer who is accused of murdering George Floyd, a Black man,” the Times added.

Reporters obtained questionnaires filled out by jurors in order to discern details about their identities and reveal them to the public. The identities of the jurors are being protected by the court due to safety concerns.

“The racial makeup of the jury was more diverse than many expected — in fact, the jury has a higher percentage of Black people than the city of Minneapolis, which is about 20 percent Black. But strong views about racism and police brutality based on personal experience could be enough to get passed over,” the Times wrote about their analysis of the jury.

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