Report finds illegal immigrants to receive about $4 billion in stimulus checks

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Image: Report finds illegal immigrants to receive about $4 billion in stimulus checks

(Natural News) A new analysis found that illegal immigrants are set to receive Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) stimulus checks alongside legal citizens. The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) reported that 2.65 million “aliens temporarily present without status” will be able to receive federal aid. This is because they possess Social Security numbers allowing them to receive government relief money, a CIS official explained.

CIS Director of Research Steven Camarota remarked in a March 22 report: “These individuals are in the country illegally and could be required to leave. Yet, under the current system, they are still given work authorization and Social Security numbers.” He continued: “There is simply no question that millions of illegal immigrants will receive billions of dollars in [COVID-19] relief checks.”

The CIS report noted that 653,000 illegal immigrants under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy and 411,000 with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) are entitled to the stimulus checks. This is because their work authorization in the U.S. comes with a valid Social Security number – which permits them to apply for and receive federal aid.

It furthermore cited a comment by Social Security Administration with regard to other illegal immigrants getting stimulus checks. The agency in charge of government benefits said that an estimated 700,000 illegal immigrants use stolen identities and Social Security numbers.

Camarota’s report came almost two weeks after President Joe Biden signed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 into law on March 11. The relief bill provides $1,400 stimulus checks to individuals earning $75,000 yearly, or heads of households earning up to $112,500. Married couples are also eligible for two $1,400 checks when they file jointly – but only if their combined income totals $150,000. Those earning beyond these income caps will receive a smaller amount. Dependents including children above 18 years old who are disabled or in college can be declared for an additional $1,400 payment.


Illegals getting Social Security numbers reflects lax enforcement of immigration laws

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz warned that illegal immigrants would receive COVID-19 relief checks through the law. He subsequently introduced an amendment to block “every illegal alien in America” receiving relief checks, but Democrats rejected the amendment Cruz proposed. Another Democratic lawmaker shared the same sentiment. Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin commented: “Undocumented immigrants do not have Social Security Numbers, and they do not qualify for stimulus relief checks.”

Camarota mentioned the 2.65 million illegal immigrants with Social Security numbers in his report as a response to both senators’ comments. He further elaborated: “We estimate that 2.1 million of these individuals have incomes low enough to qualify for checks, and they have 1.1 million U.S.-born dependent children.” The research director noted that because of this, illegal immigrants could receive about $4.38 billion from the COVID-19 relief package Biden signed into law.

Moreover, Camarota remarked that illegal immigrants being issued Social Security numbers en masse “highlights an even more disturbing fact.” He continued: “This is a clear indication that America is simply not serious about enforcing its immigration laws.”

The CIS research director ultimately remarked: “Unless the [Internal Revenue Service] suddenly creates a new rule barring illegal immigrants for receiving payments and a procedure to implement such a policy, immigrants with valid Social Security numbers … will [continue to] receive stimulus checks.” (Related: Economists warn $1.9 trillion Biden relief bill may trigger runaway inflation.)

CIS has long been critical of illegal immigration and the lax implementation of policies against it. Back in October 2020, it released a report slamming the federal government’s refusal to test illegal immigrants for the coronavirus. CIS senior researcher and report author Nayla Rush called the refusal to test immigrants “puzzling,” since the law mandates that refugees and other immigrants must undergo medical examinations for “communicable diseases of public health significance.” (Related: Tucker Carlson slams Biden for releasing refugees untested for the Wuhan coronavirus.)

Medical guidelines released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that tuberculosis, leprosy and sexually-transmitted diseases are considered “communicable diseases of public health significance.” The report said that based on these guidelines, anyone found with these illnesses can be denied entry on American soil.

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