Media-generated racial hatred toward white men fuels riots and mass shootings

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Image: Media-generated racial hatred toward white men fuels riots and mass shootings

(Natural News) After the horrific shooting in Boulder, Colorado, the mainstream media began to spin a narrative of racial hatred, claiming repeatedly that the shooter was a “white male.” From the start, the weaponized media began to spread disinformation to paint the “white male” as the stereotypical terrorist. This disinformation is solely designed to foment hatred toward white men and builds upon years of anti-white indoctrination and racial hatred that is pushed by a radicalized media and higher learning institutions. For years now, racial hatred has been used across the media and in the classroom to denigrate white men and lambaste American culture and now condones BLM riots and their “social justice” violence toward whites.

Boulder, Colorado shooter was a devout Muslim who targeted white people

This “white-man-bad-guy” narrative slowly dissipated when the details of the shooting became clear. In fact, the shooter is a devout Muslim migrant from Syria who thought that white America was “Islamophobic.” The shooter is named Ahmad Al-Issa. The shooter was likely motivated by his religious beliefs which are further fueled by hatred toward white America. The ten victims that he targeted and shot down were innocent white Americans — grocery store workers, local college graduates, Medicare agents, a police officer, and an Orthodox Christian. What was going through Ahmad Al-Issa’s head as he targeted these people in cold blood?

According to law enforcement, the intent and motivation of the shooter is unclear at this time. His social media accounts, now scrubbed from the internet, revealed his devotion to Islam and his hatred toward American culture. The shooter’s hatred is so ingrained into him, it doesn’t matter what kind of weapon was available or what kind of gun control laws were put in place. It’s time to debate the INTENT behind these senseless acts of violence, the poisoning of the mind, and the cultural conditions that lead to this hell.


According to reporter Andy Ngô: “The suspect in the Boulder, Colorado mass shooting where 10 were murdered has been identified as Ahmad al-Issa. He was first described as a white male. His social media, which is now deleted, show he was a religious Muslim who posted frequently about “Islamophobia.”

According to Jack Posobiec of One America News: “A Facebook page that appeared to belong to Al-Issa showed that his family had immigrated to the U.S. from Syria. The page featured quotes from the prophet Muhammad as well as posts about mixed martial arts.”

Nonstop hatred toward whites breeds conditions for more riots and mass shooting of whites

If the shooter would have taken out ten people with dark skin, the weaponized media would have unilaterally declared the violence was motivated by racism towards blacks. They won’t dare apply that narrative in reverse.

In last year’s national presidential debate, it was Joe Biden who endorsed the falsehood that white police officers unilaterally target and kill people because they have dark skin. The media is nonstop shaming white people for having “white privilege” – an abstract racial slur. Black Lives Matter protests are heralded as peaceful events, even as churches are burned, officers of the law are attacked, and businesses are looted.

Media pundits praise these acts of malice and terror because white culture has supposedly forsaken black lives “institutionally” and deserves the hatred they are getting. Corporations have endorsed this movement as well, pumping these BLM movements with cash to continue their rampage of hate. Colleges send the message to young people that white America should be ashamed, denigrated, forced to kneel. Politicians are now devising ways to tax white America, forcing them to pay reparations to the African American community. This constant racial hatred toward white Americans is breeding the conditions for more violent riots, more mass shootings, and the death of innocent white people, in cities across America.

It’s time for the media and the politicians to stop blaming inanimate objects and millions of innocent Americans for these acts of hatred and terror. It’s time for them to fess up for infusing racial hatred into the culture and into the hearts of the next generation.

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