Cigna admits to being a racist health insurance company that discriminates against white men

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Image: Cigna admits to being a racist health insurance company that discriminates against white men

(Natural News) One of the nation’s largest health insurance providers is being exposed for actively discriminating against white males in both its hiring process and overall company culture.

Cigna has reportedly been telling its white employees to check their “privilege” and stop using terms like “wife” or “husband,” which is considered “racist.” Cigna also tries to hire anyone other than white men whenever possible.

“Given the hiring practices they have in place where white, male candidates are blocked, regardless of qualifications, I have to say, ‘Yes, there’s obvious discrimination at this company,'” an anonymous employee told The Washington Examiner.

Chat logs examined by the Examiner prove these claims to be true, revealing that a hiring manager explicitly rejected a candidate with strong credentials who had performed well in an interview because the hiring manager mistakenly believed the candidate was white.

It turns out that the candidate was actually a “minority,” at least according to the politically correct definition of minority – white people are the true minority when looking at global population numbers.

After learning that the candidate was technically non-white, the hiring manager, a female, suddenly got excited about hiring him, despite knowing next to nothing besides the hue of his skin.

Another employee had instead suggested a candidate with many years of experience, but the hiring manager refused because he was a white man, and thus could not be interviewed for failing to meet the Cigna’s “diversity” requirements.


These anti-white racial quotas have left many positions at Cigna empty and unable to be filled, employees say.

“I can’t fill these jobs,” one of them said.

Cigna is evil – pick a different health insurance carrier

When confronted about its racism, Cigna had a spokesperson tell the independent media that the company “stands for equity and equality” and does “not tolerate racism and discrimination in the workplace.”

“We confront these issues through listening and open discussion and with intensity, empathy and accountability.”

The spokesperson went on to contend that Cigna’s recruiting tactics center around “qualifications, abilities, aptitude and attitude for open roles, regardless of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or any other demographics.”

As for the anonymous claims, the Cigna spokesperson claimed that the company has thus far been unable to “validate” them, along with the “internal exchange” concerning the hiring manager.

“We encourage all colleagues who have any concerns or questions to contact our 24/7, confidential Ethics Office,” this person wrote in a canned statement.

When asked by PJ Media to confirm that Cigna does, in fact, use racial “diversity” quotas in hiring, the company spokesperson did not explicitly deny the practice, suggesting that it is taking place.

Valued in the tens of billions, Cigna currently boasts more than 73,000 employees worldwide. All of them are presumably being exposed to the company’s “critical race theory” agenda, which comes with demands that they only use “inclusive” language at all times.

This means not making any references to male or female significant others, for instance, but instead referring to them generically as “spouse” or “partner.” “Mothering” and “fathering” are also not to be used on Cigna property, and should instead be referred to as “parenting.”

Cigna also takes issue with the phrase “China Virus,” which is commonly used to describe the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). Everybody who has been paying attention knows that the China Virus originated in China, hence why it is often called that.

“Of course Cigna will never admit their official policy is ‘we are more than happy to deliver an inferior product to prove we’re woke and hate whitey,'” wrote one PJ Media commenter.

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