Biden family accused of helping Chinese spies infiltrate American government

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Image: Biden family accused of helping Chinese spies infiltrate American government

(Natural News) Emails extracted from Hunter Biden’s laptop suggest that the entire Biden clan is guilty of aiding and abetting Chinese espionage against the United States.

Hunter specifically was involved in numerous business dealings linked to his father that appear to have given communist China backdoor access to our country. The evidence found on Hunter’s laptop also points to many other significant security breaches that deserve attention.

Jack Maxey, a former co-host on Steve Bannon’s “War Room,” shared the incriminating files with Life SiteNews. Maxey also shared some of the more incriminating details to his Twitter account before Jack Dorsey’s social justice warrior army suspended his account.

Corroborated by former Biden family business partner Tony Bobulinski as well as federal authorities, the emails found on Hunter’s laptop confirm full-scale treason against the U.S. by the Biden Crime Family, which belongs in prison, not the White House.

One email sent by Hunter to Chinese colleagues back in February 2015, when Joe Biden was vice president, discusses plans to house a “proposed BHR” employee at the White House. BHR refers to Bohai Harvest Reserve Partners, an investment fund co-founded by Hunter and several Chinese state-back companies back in 2013.

Prior to the partnership, Hunter had minimal success in finance. Thanks to BHR, however, which is backed and supported by China’s state-run central bank, ultimately Hunter made bank.

“I think we all feel it is critical to have someone at this level engaged on a full time basis to assist in coordinating the U.S. Team input and communications to and from Beijing,” the email reads.


“This would include monitoring all deals and advising where the U.S. Team could add value, and keeping the Beijing Team informed as to our fund raising and other efforts.”

BHR responded warmly to Hunter’s suggestion that this new employee be housed at the White House. After 10 days, he or she was then scheduled to travel back to China for a 30-day briefing, which Maxey says was clearly for the purpose of espionage.

“They force him to hire a chosen American of Chinese extraction clearly trusted by Beijing. She gets an office next to his office with a separate outdoor entrance,” Maxey told Eric Metaxas.

“She is defined as the new communications director for Beijing, and what do they do with her after they get her? Immediately she’s sent to Beijing for a several-week training course on communications. And what does she need to do? Learn how to use Zoom? Learn how to use email? No, she’s learning how to covertly communicate espionage for the benefit of the Chinese.”

Joe Biden works for China, not for America

This office with a separate entrance that Maxey talked about was directly connected to those of a firm called Rosemont Seneca Partners, a BHR partner led by Hunter and Christopher Heinz, the stepson of U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

Having close access to these high-level politicians and their respective corporations “naturally would have been a major boon for China’s extensive, wide-ranging espionage efforts,” notes Raymond Wolfe of Life Site News.

Other emails obtained by Life Site News further confirm that Hunter and his Rosemont Seneca colleagues maintained regular communication with top Obama regime officials, as well as foreign diplomats, corporate and civic leaders, and then-Vice President Joe Biden and his other family members.

This makes the entire Biden clan complicit in the operation, which gave communist China an even greater foothold into the inner workings of American politics. Perhaps this is why the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) plandemic that would emerge several years later was able to spread with relative ease, accomplishing many of China’s subversive plans against our nation.

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