Biden’s America: 13 dead in serious crash near Mexican border were illegal aliens being trafficked

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Image: Biden’s America: 13 dead in serious crash near Mexican border were illegal aliens being trafficked

(Natural News) It has been confirmed that the 13 people who died in a horrific vehicle collision near the United States-Mexico border earlier in the week are, in fact, illegal aliens from Mexico and Guatemala who were being trafficked into the country.

Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) announced that all of the crash victims are suspected illegal aliens with likely ties to human smuggling, and an investigation is now underway.

In case you missed the story, a 1997 Ford Expedition carrying 25 people crashed into a semi-truck at the intersection of State Route 115 and Norrish Road near Holtville, Calif., in Imperial County. More than a dozen people died and several others were injured, including the semi-truck driver.

Government officials immediately launched a human smuggling probe after it was determined that the vehicle, along with a Chevrolet Suburban, had entered the country illegally through a 10-foot hole that was cut into Southern California’s border fence.

“All are suspected to have entered the U.S. illegally,” CBP indicated in a statement. “Border Patrol is investigating the smuggling events.”

Surveillance footage showed two vehicles leaving the area of the fence hole around 6am PST on Tuesday, CBP explained. For reasons that are still unknown, the Suburban caught fire not long after breaching the fence, though all of its passengers escaped and were taken into CBP custody.

“At no point [did Border Patrol] attempt to stop or pursue either vehicle,” the agency clarified about the situation.

Gregory Bovino, CBP’s El Centro sector chief, issued a statement indicating that his agency is praying for the accident victims and their families during this difficult time.


“Human smugglers have proven time and again they have little regard for human life,” Bovino stated.

“Those who may be contemplating crossing the border illegally should pause to think of the dangers that all too often end in tragedy — tragedies our Border Patrol Agents and first responders are unfortunately very familiar with.”

Democrats exploit border crash to push for amnesty

Rather than condemn the human smugglers responsible for these tragic deaths, Democrats like Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia of Coachella are already politicizing the incident in such a way as to suggest that federal immigration laws are to blame.

“Our broken immigration system is a humanitarian, public and economic crisis impacting communities on both sides of the border,” Garcia is quoted as saying, demanding “comprehensive immigration reform” as the solution.

“Tragedies like this place wider public attention on the dark realities of our immigration struggle in the United States and the danger immigrant families face for a chance at a better life.”

Beijing Biden has not yet issued a statement about the incident, which he will probably never do since he is apparently incapable of even giving a proper State of the Union address.

This Manchurian puppet is too busy giving communist China total control over America’s energy grid to care about things like human trafficking. In fact, China Joe would seem to approve of human trafficking, which is clearly why the powers that be approve of his “presidency.”

“This deadly wreck is a direct result of Joe Biden’s open borders policy, and once you get here, it’s catch and release,” pointed out a commenter over at The Epoch Times, assigning blame where it is due.

“It is also a direct result of Gov. Gavin Newsom rewarding illegal aliens with free medical care and stimulus checks. Get here, declare asylum, and California will take care of you.”

Another wrote that the 13 deaths will probably be categorized as “Covid-19 deaths,” knowing how the government operates.

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