Asians speak out against Marxist critical race theory for being “a hateful, divisive, manipulative fraud”

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Image: Asians speak out against Marxist critical race theory for being “a hateful, divisive, manipulative fraud”

(Natural News) The Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York (CACAGNY) is speaking out against so-called “critical race theory” (CRT), a racist, anti-White, Marxist ideology that aims to indoctrinate Americans into believing that the country is “structurally” racist because of White people.

This White Man Bad ideology is a “hateful, divisive, manipulative fraud,” says CACAGNY – not just against White people but also against Asians. Critical race theory is basically an ideological hate crime against both White and Asian people, it turns out.

“One way or another, CRT wants to get rid of too many Asians in good schools,” the group says. “Asians are over-represented. CRT is today’s Chinese Exclusion Act. CRT is the real hate crime against Asians.”

According to CRT, any disparity in racial outcomes, whether it be more White people in a particular school, or more Asian people at a particular company, is “proof” that some hidden “racial bias” or “discrimination” exists that is keeping black and brown people “underrepresented.”

Because Asians tend to be “overrepresented” at institutions of higher learning, as one example, CRT would contend that American society is structurally biased in favor of Asians. It does not go both ways, however, as black and brown overrepresentation is considered to be just fine.

“CRT appears in our workplaces under the cover of implicit bias / sensitivity training,” CACAGNY further contends. “It infiltrates our schools pretending to be culturally / ethnically responsive pedagogy, with curricula such as the New York Times‘s 1619 Project and Seattle’s ethnomathematics.”


“From its very roots, CRT is racist, repressive, discriminatory, and divisive.”

White genocide is the ultimate goal of the critical race theory religion

CACAGNY lays out all the main “dogmas” of the CRT religion that are important for people to understand in order to dismantle them. Foundational to the cult is the idea that a person is not a person but rather a cog in a particular race – meaning a person is judged solely based on race and skin color rather than character.

Nothing could be more racist and quite frankly petty, yet this is the prevailing dogma at many of America’s large corporations, universities, and other institutions, all of which have become wastelands of toxic femininity, anti-White racism, and other evils.

While the underpinnings of justice in America center around equal rights and equal opportunity, the social justice ethos of CRT contends that equal outcomes must be the norm, otherwise everything is a “racist” manifestation of “White supremacy.”

“To achieve equal outcomes, forget equal rights,” CACAGNY says about how it works.

Another common theme of CRT doctrine is the idea that black people are always “oppressed” by White people, who are always the “oppressors.” Black people can never be racist within the confines of CRT, and White people are always racist.

CRT is a genocidal operation against White people, in other words, and is likewise antagonistic against Asians, though in a much more muted way. CRT never talks about “Asian supremacy,” nor does it use such derogatory language except when referring to White people.

“If you are White and won’t admit you are racist, you are racist by implicit bias,” CRT dogma maintains. “To reduce implicit bias, you must self-criticize, confess to privilege, apologize to the oppressed race.”

CRT also routinely takes aim at the nebulous idea of “whiteness,” which it claims is a system based on “achievement, delayed gratification, progress, schedules and deadlines, meritocracy, race-blindness, the written word, facts and objectivity, logic and reason, mathematics, and science.”

“CRT suppresses dissent with cancel culture,” CACAGNY further notes.

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