Texas Republicans cited “global warming” as the reason why they decided not to winterize the power grid

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Image: Texas Republicans cited “global warming” as the reason why they decided not to winterize the power grid

(Natural News) The latest excuse out of Texas as to why much of the state’s power grid failed during the recent cold weather event is that Republican lawmakers were counting on global warming to keep the energy production systems from freezing.

Rather than properly winterize the state’s wind turbines, Republican lawmakers instead relied upon a global warming report that claimed Texas would be 1.6 degrees warmer on average, eliminating the need to invest in their proper maintenance.

Texas Democrat Rep. Michelle Beckley from House District 65 highlighted a vote on Twitter that she says would have required that all Texas power plants be winterized. It was state Republicans that rejected the effort, insisting it was unnecessary.

“[Five] years ago HB2571 was killed on the [H]ouse floor on 3rd reading by my predecessor,” Beckley wrote. “It mandated power plants maintain and PREPARE for weather like this. Introduced by Eric Johnson when he was a state rep. MOTE REPUBS voted AGAINST this bill.”

Beckley’s predecessor was Ron Simmons, who responded to Beckley’s tweet by claiming that global warming was supposed to have “winterized” the Texas power grid by increasing temperatures to the point that nothing would ever freeze in the first place.

“Also the State Climatologist report is here and you can see it predicts a reduction in winter weather through 2036 and says we will be 1.6 degrees warmer than in 2000-2018,” Simmons wrote. “How does he or she know?”

Texas Republicans also claim they were too afraid to maintain grid due to coronavirus

This is a strange position for Simmons or any other Republican to take, seeing as how most Republicans seem to reject the notion of man-made global warming. Why would they use it as an excuse, except to cut costs and maximize profits for grid operators?


The report Simmons is talking about states that winters in the “near future” are expected to be “about 5.6 [degrees] F warmer than the 1950-1999 average,” and that a “decrease was expected” in winter weather. It appears this report was dead wrong.

Hilariously, Texas Republicans are also blaming the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) for the state’s grid failure, as safety inspections were supposedly delayed due to fears about workers contracting the Chinese virus.

Grid vulnerabilities and other pertinent issues were simply put on the shelf using the WuFlu as an excuse. Many large corporations and other businesses did the same thing last year, shutting down support lines, customer service centers, and other aspects of their operations due to COVID-19.

To be fair, the Biden regime is also to blame, as it reportedly refused to allow Texas energy providers to up their production capacity in anticipation of the storm.

Federal mandates that require a certain percentage of Texas energy to be “green” got in the way of providing all Texans with the energy they needed to survive the storm. The maximum energy generation capacity in Texas under federal law currently sits at 60 percent.

“Amazing some are so brainwashed as to still believe in this warming nonsense,” wrote one commenter at the National File amid many others who could not accept the fact that many Republicans are just as corrupt as Democrats.

“I thought Texas Republicans had common sense,” responded another. “Truth is, we’re entering a mini-Ice Age due to the lack of sunspots on the Sun’s surface; so, they had better winterize their power grid, lest it collapses and many more Texans freeze to death.”

Still another wrote that Republicans like Simmons are “fake conservatives.”

More of the latest news about the “green” energy scam and the collapse of American energy can be found at Deception.news.

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